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affix the seal including cured skin of a slain calf, goat (kid), or sheepskin, all employed to hide an earlier ghastly use of human skin. The shocking ritual of murdering children for using their skin under bulls was first outlined in the thirteenth century infamous Grimoire of Roman Pope Honorius III. In this occult book of dark magic spells, instead of plainly using the words ‘human child’ the word ‘kid’ was used. (We know the word kid officially means a young goat.) And of course today many use the word ‘kids’ informally for children (possibly rooted Earliest specimens simply bear the issuing pope’s in the German word, kinder.) In any case, the same name (on one side) and the word papae on the ritual ‘instructions’ for the production of parchment reversed side. Also, investigation into ‘letters’ known through human sacrifice were standardized by this as Papal Decretals reveal that these were a foundation Pontiff. Astonishingly, this has remained for eight to the issuance of the bolder, Papal Bulls. Letters were centuries as the ‘official’ method by which leading always dated; for further research, one may look to cult members have sacrificed and murdered children the pontificate of Siricius (384-399 CE) for surviving — skinning them to create parchment and thus ‘bind copies. the soul to the fate of death.’ This standard procedure 1,2 appeared in subsequent Grimoires of black magic. Please be forewarned! Gruesome discoveries reveal For more information see Arthur Edward Waite’s a depraved, sickening use of human skin as a base- Book of Ceremonial Magic, however please beware material (parchment) for the bulls’ official issuance. of this introduction to the deranged specifics of And, to further dreadful horror of this methodology, rituals used. it was usually the skin of a sacrificed child or some ROOTS OF THE FICTIONAL famous heretic. DOCTRINE OF DISCOVERY With Latin roots, the word ‘parchment’ generally means ‘a mind or soul bound to the fate of death.’ The fifteenth century Papal Bulls Romanus Pontifex, Historic origin behind the use of parchment for decreed by Pope Nicholas V, and Inter Caetera, Papal Bulls (human skin as a writing medium) ordered by Pope Alexander VI, were fundamental dates back to o ccult black magic rituals in honor of declarations that comprise the term known today as ‘Lord Baal.’ These demonic practices occurred in the Christian ‘Doctrine of Discovery.’ This doctrine’s Tarsus and Ur at the time of Menesheh High Priest religious philosophy encoded a hierarchy of humanity Saul (Paul), who was purported to have the largest that European, Christian nations (Christendom) were black magic library with 20,000 books covered with more powerful and consequently, could (and would) human skin.³ Lesser mediums began to be used to conquer any other. Therefore, these ‘laws’ vested moral 1Pope Siricius online 2Papal Letters in the Early Middle Ages, Detlev Jasper and Horst Fuhrman, The Catholic University of America Press, 2001 3 I.T.N.J