The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 91

to completely end their dependency on this corporate 4. The safeguarding of our Armed Services and the greed and corruption, a new mass movement has Police Service from agenda-driven cutbacks and started which will not stand down until every child interference in the world can look forward to a life of security, 5. The shutting down of the Roman Civil Law Legal System that unlawfully controls all of us by fraud, prosperity and happiness. deception and entrapment Out of total respect for the original Chartists in early 6. The assurance that Science always serves and Victorian Britain, who sought to rid themselves of the benefits all of humanity whilst protecting the tyranny of the wealthy landowners and industrialists, natural well-being of our planet and to the 1215 Great Charter itself, the New Chartist Movement is now emerging from the grassroots and The detail in these Requirements can be found at is growing daily as people come across it. Like with They are the original Chartists, we have a People’s Charter with such that they can be adapted by the people of any Six Requirements that will regain and protect our country to win back their essential freedoms and to sovereignty forever. They are: protect their children from slavery and sexual abuse. Indeed, the New Chartist Movement is proud to be 1. The restoration of the absolute supremacy of our ancient Trial by Jury Common Law Constitution 2. An immediate and outright end to all forms of associated with the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and totally supports its Judicial Commission of Inqui H[[X[YX[[[^X\B]\\]Kݙ\H[XZ\\HH\\[[[[[][Y[HH^[[ܚقݙ\ZYۈ][ۘ[ܙY]\[Z\[ۋ˂HHX[ۈو[\[[H[ܛ\قXY[X\BPTBӐUHK [و\X