The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 90

And there is Roman Civil Law whereby you are And this is all confirmed by the exposure that our ‘guilty’ until proved ‘innocent’ and where a politically birth certificates create corporate legal fictions appointed (acceptable?) judge acts as both judge and which are then used by the legal profession, the jury to decide your fate (corpus juris). politicians and the bankers to both deceive and entrap all of us into Roman Civil Law governance For these criminal elitists to achieve their long-desired at the expense of our Common Law inalienable ambition to see corporate global governance on their rights. And it is this fraud, deception and entrapment terms, the last thing they need is for the people to that has seen state-supported bogus courts without have any freedoms and mechanisms whereby they can juries (Star Chambers) unlawfully depriving make decisions that can over-ride the government’s completely innocent people of their homes, livelihoods intentions. A very little-known fact about the and children using completely fraudulent paperwork. Common Law is that a Jury of randomly selected Indeed, fraudulent bankruptcies being undertaken people can annul bad, unfair and unjust Statutes and by the state have now unlawfully deprived people of Acts that have been passed by Parliament – this one billions of pounds. And with all this corruption by the simple safeguard assures that the people and not the state, it’s hardly surprising to know that corrupt police politicians in Parliament are always sovereign. In other officers, judges, lawyers and politicians are covering up words, the Jury alone decides the law. Unfortunately, appalling cases of child sex abuse by Establishment-led in Britain today, the over-riding supremacy of the pedophile rings. Common Law has been deliberately and largely airbrushed out of the public’s consciousness – whether The solution to all of this appalling corruption is at university or police college, there is now a definite very simple – we must restore immediately the full agenda to educate people into the workings of supremacy of our ancient and proven Common Law corporate-led Roman Civil Law with all its Statutes Trial by Jury Constitution whereby common sense, and Acts passed by Parliament in order to micro- common decency and the common good always manage our lives at the expense of our ancient prevail over powerful vested interests thus ensuring freedoms and protection as confirmed by the 1215 that we, the people, are always in complete control Great Charter (Magna Carta). We have the Law over our elected servants in Parliament. And what’s Society for the Solicitors and the Inns of Court for the good for Britain can be good for every country in Barristers all coming under the corporate sway and the world…or, more accurately, for every child in the guidance of the City of London. We have the Judiciary world as decent people of goodwill will now have the allowing Judges to act unlawfully as both ‘judge and ability to flush out and bring to justice the perpetrators jury’ in the County Courts and the Family Courts. We of human trafficking and child sex abuse. The time has have magistrates instead of the Grand Juries which finally come for the sovereign peoples of the world to were abolished in 1933, and we have the so-called UK take back control. Supreme Court, the brainchild of Tony Blair, which is Roman Civil Law in action... and to cap it off, all AND FINALLY – THE PEOPLE ARE courts (not to mention political parties, government NOW STARTING TO ORGANIZE… departments, police constabularies and Parliament To get this truth and these proven solutions out itself) are listed by Dunn and Bradstreet as being quickly to the people of Britain so that they can corporations – in other words, courts of justice are empower themselves and make the changes needed actually places of business. page 88