The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 89

European Union. Just why on earth do we put up with time providing really effective community policing for all this blatant criminality that’s affecting all our lives everyone; for ensuring that all education is completely and the lives of our children, the next generation. free at source whilst compensating those students who are in debt; and for meeting the costs of national THE FIRST SOLUTION: RESTORING infrastructure projects whilst at the same time SOVEREIGN NATIONAL CREDIT… protecting Britain’s strategically important industries OR REAL MONEY IN OTHER WORDS! such as steel making and shipbuilding. And all this This is the completely proven solution to money done without the need for any form of direct taxation creation and money supply that the corrupted and including Income Tax and Council Tax. cowardly system-serving politicians, economists and bankers will not tell you about. It is this: any It’s all just simple common sense and it would government of a sovereign nation does not have to completely guarantee the long-term security, borrow money from the private financial sector, nor prosperity and happiness of the British nation. And, does it have to directly tax its citizens to raise the as happened in 1914 with the Bradbury Pound revenue it needs. A government of a sovereign nation then, there would be no damaging inflation as the has the simple and absolute right to create, issue and government would be in full control of retiring control all of its own money through its treasury and money as and when required. Unlike the Weimar not its central bank. This is money that is both debt- Republic of the 1930s, where the private central bank free and interest-free as it is based entirely on the and the currency speculators deliberately triggered wealth and labour potential (creativity) of that nation. the hyperinflation, the British people would be in This fiscal arrangement (known by money reformers complete charge of their own money creation and today as Sovereign National Credit) is recognized money supply. And the best news of all is that the within HM Treasury as M0 (zero) at 100%...and it was City of London and its cabal of globalist bankers and last practised on a major scale by the Treasury to save financiers would be collapsed and defeated for good the nation from economic collapse at the outbreak of as every country in the world would follow Britain’s the First World War. lead in creating their own debt-free and interest-free money that’s free from the criminal machinations Please look up the historical facts about the 1914 of the BIS and the private central bankers. In other Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound which we were words, the humble Bradbury Pound would spell alerted to by a retired Director of the Bank of England the absolute end to the mind-set that’s behind the who informed us that if the British people restored appalling global abuse of children! this simple fiscal measure, all of Britain’s economic woes would be sorted in one go! Certainly, the THE SECOND SOLUTION: obvious benefits are there to see with the immediate RESTORING OUR COMMON LAW restoration of the Bradbury Pound by HM Treasury. TRIAL BY JURY CONSTITUTION There would be sufficient debt-free and interest-free TO SECURE REAL JUSTICE FOR ALL. money to meet the needs of the NHS and Social Care There are essentially two types of law: The Commo )Ѽɽɱ䁱ѕȁѡͥձɅɱ1܁ݡɕԁɔͥɕaӊdչѥ)ȁͽ쁙ȁɕѽɥȁɵ͕٥́ɽٕaեdݡɔٕ役́ݕѼ)͕٥Ѽѡٕ́ѼɽѕЁȁɥѡȁɅ͕ѕ́ͥ))ѥéɕ́ͽٕɕݡЁЁѡͅѼѡȁȁեЀՑմɥմ)$P8(