The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 88

of financial control in private hands able to dominate So, there we have it – a handful of very powerful the political system of each country and the economy of financial and corporate dynastic oligarchs decide the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled how much, or more accurately, how little money the in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world world has to spend. And this is why we see children acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at sold into sex slavery; forced to work in sweat shops; infrequent private meetings and conferences. The apex compelled to scour rubbish tips to scrape some sort of of the system was the Bank for International Settlements existence; and why 800 children under the age of five in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and die a day due to dirty and diseased water. And in the controlled by the world’s central banks which were meantime, the sixty-two richest people in the world themselves private corporations. The growth of financial have as much money as almost half of the world’s capitalism made possible a centralization of world population, that’s three and a half billion people!! But economic control and use of this power for the direct the worst of it is this: these controlling bankers have benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other (courtesy of bought and corrupted politicians passing economic groups.” the necessary legislation th &VvFV"&ƖVG2FR'6WFR&vBF7&VFRW6WFVǒWB`&VBGvVfRbFR7B'FB6VG&&F"2FV'BBFFVFBFW&W7B6WFpvfW&'26VFrW"v&6&Wg&FBFW6( B7GVǒW7BW7W'N( 2BW&6V@FR&bVvBVWB6WFR6V7&V7WfW'vB"76WG2N( 2&6VB'6WFVǒFr@GvF2W&RvFFRF67&VWBffVVBBbvRFR&F'VRFBF2vRvVBvFfVV6RbFRW&涖rG7FW27V62FR&6f"g&VB'WBBFR&W'2Bf6W'0&F66B&vVVVv&'W&r&6VBFR6GbF( 2W&^( 2vBFR&`B&6VfVW"f֖ƖW2FW6RvfW&'2v&RBVvB6BG27&rV'FW&ǒ'VWF#CFV7&F6ǒVV7FVB"&RFWgVǒ66VF&PF&W&W6VFFfW2VffV7FfVǒFV6FRFR( ĖFRFW&V6ג7BWFW2FRf&`7G&FVv2ƗVFGVVFVBf"FRv&N( 2V6ג&FW6G2'WBrF6R&FW6G2&R7&VFV@vWfW"&fW76"VvWFBvFw&FS2gFV֗7VFW'7FCFR&6v2F&Vv6W&6&2r2vVWfW"&氮( ėBW7BB&RfVBFBFW6RVG2bFRv&N( 26VbW2B6VFVW6ǒ7&VFW2F6p6VG&&2vW&RFV6VfW27V'7FFfRvW'2FW6BFR&'&vW.( 2&66VBFW&V'7&VFpv&Bf6RFWvW&RB&FW"FWvW&RFRWrW( ЧFV662BvVG2bFRF֖BfW7FV@&W'2bFV"v6VG&W2vB&6VBFV6RVRvR&R&Vr66VBv&Ǟ( `WBvW&RW&fV7Fǒ6&RbF&vrFVFvBFR6G&VbFRv&B&R7VffW&rf"BFR7V'7FFfRf6vW'2bFRv&BvW&R&VFǒFRv&B2rFV'BFFRGVRbCc@FRG2bFW6RfW7FVB&W'266VBG&ƖF2FFR&W'2&Vr&RF7&VFRFV ( FW&F( "( W&6G>( &W'2v&VVBW6WFVǒWBbF"2FV'B( 2BB2F0&vVǒ&VBFR66VW2FV"vV6'&FVB6WFVǒ6R77FVbW7&VFBW&2FW6Rf&VB77FVbFW&F7WǒFN( 2vfVFW6R7&֖2FR( vW.( FF7FFP6W&FBFF֖6Rv6v2&RFW&2FFR6fW&VvVW2bFRv&B2FW&fFR&RvW&gVB&R6V7&WBFFBbGf6RFV"2f"v&6'&FRvfW&6PFV"vVG2FR6VG&&2( ( 26VFrb6W'6RFV"WW&V&V7BFPvR