The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 87

million or so of highly paid ‘useful idiots’ who do and effectively in every country of the world in a very their bidding (and some are now thankfully whistle- short period of time thanks to social media – all that blowing and working against their ‘masters’), but is missing is knowledge and a commitment from each the hard ‘core’ is absolutely tiny in number when and every one of us to educate and enthuse our friends, compared to the 7.6 billion of us in the world. neighbours and work colleagues with the irrefutable evidence and the two proven solutions that now follow. The last thing we should do is give these elitists any sort of admiration and respect – we must not give MONEY CREATION AND MONEY SUPPLY… these common criminals ‘superhuman’ powers as OUR SUPREME IGNORANCE PREVAILS! some ridiculous conspiracy theories would have The Bank for International Settlements – the BIS you believe. They are certainly clever, cunning and – now, there’s a name that’s not on everyone’s lips. manipulative but, when we lift back the curtain to Mention the IMF, the OECD or the World Bank expose them for who they really are, we will simply see and a fair number of people have heard of these a bunch of sad corporate and banking megalomaniacs, international financial institutions but probably can’t many of whom don’t actually like each other and tell you what they actually do. But when it comes to some of whom are actually involved in revolting acts the BIS, barely one-per-cent of the British people have including actual Satanic rituals involving the abuse ever heard of it…and even if they’ve heard of it, they and deaths of children! The only reason we are at their can’t tell you what it does…and that includes most of beck and call is that we are collectively ignorant of our completely useless and bought politicians! the proven truth about money creation and money supply, not to mention how the world’s legal systems The BIS describes itself as the central bank for all the have been taken over by the vested corporate interests central banks of the world. It is a privately controlled of the so-called ‘one per cent’ (actually, it’s more like institution that has given itself diplomatic immunity. 0.00001%!). It is highly secretive and the minutes of its high-level meetings are never made public. It controls sixty of the What follows are now the two proven solutions world’s central banks, including the Bank of England, needed to defeat these global corporate and financial the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank; elitists in one fell swoop and so put to an end human and it oversees over 95% of the world’s money supply. trafficking and child sex abuse – their house of cards Not bad for an institution that hardly anyone has ever will collapse completely in less than three years if heard of. we all come together quickly on this common platform of truth, backed up by the determination to This network of BIS controlled central banks is the implement these two proven solutions in the shortest way the elitist ‘one per cent’ effectively controls the possible time. world’s money supply. Professor Carroll Quigley, the noted historian and mentor for President Bill Clinton With the City of London being the key centre for this and one-time trusted insider by the ‘one per cent’, criminal financial control of the world (along with the wrote in his book Tragedy & Hope: A History of the virtually unknown Bank for International Settlements World in Our Time: (BIS) in Basle, Switzerland), these two solutions will now be described from a British perspective…but what “The powers of financial capitalism had another far- we do here in the United Kingdom can be done quickly reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system I.T.N.J