The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 86

WHAT FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN IN A DEBT-LADEN AND LAWLESS WORLD? Article by Justin Walker WHY DO WE ALL COUNTENANCE A people from discovering the very simple truth behind POLITICAL, LEGAL AND ECONOMIC SYSTEM everything. And what is that very simple truth? It THAT CAN ONLY EXTEND A FUTURE is that this appalling mind-set that’s behind global OF ABSOLUTE MISERY, POVERTY AND slavery and child sex abuse is only in power because ENSLAVEMENT FOR OUR CHILDREN? we have all foolishly given up and surrendered our absolute and God-given sovereign right to control for The ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human the common good, our own money supply, and our Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse was set up because own legal system. our supposedly ‘governed’ world allows eight million children a year to be unlawfully scooped up and The prime aim of this criminal and elitist financial placed into appalling conditions of slavery. Think cabal is to seek all-out global governance on their about it…that’s 22,000 children a day who suddenly corporate and fascist terms. To achieve this Orwellian have their liberties taken away from them as they nightmare, they have seized control of the financial are placed into captivity that in most cases leads to and legal institutions of the world to the extent that death within two years. The lucky ones become labour nearly every human-being on the planet is now slaves and sex slaves; the unlucky ones are tortured, affected to some degree in a very negative way. And murdered and their body parts exploited and traded this outright control only exists because they have for nefarious purposes. been allowed (courtesy of our corrupted politicians) to get away with absolutely massive fraud, deception It’s quite simply appalling that every one of us is and entrapment. And why is that? Because we have allowing this to happen because of our collective all been deliberately dumbed down and distracted by ignorance, apathy and, it has to be said, our utter today’s modern so-called ‘culture’ and educated by a dereliction of our moral responsibilities as human- completely controlled and totally flawed academia. beings. The obvious questions we should all be asking We have all been purposefully put to sleep whilst evil are: what sort of sick and twisted mind-set is allowing – and I use that word quite deliberately – is allowed to all of this to happen? Just how are the perpetrators prevail all around us. being allowed to get away with what they’re doing? And what are the solutions that we all can get involved with So, how big is this enemy we’re all up against and are to bring this unspeakable criminality to an abru pt end? they actually beatable? After many years of detailed research the picture is now becoming much clearer. SO, WHO ARE THE PERPETRATORS – Networking through a myriad of secret societies, WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON? so-called academic think-tanks (like the Bilderberg The global internet is awash with lots of so-called Group and the Council on Foreign Relations) and ‘conspiracy theories’ – whilst many are definitely exclusive membership clubs, this cabal probably heading in the right direction, there are also many numbers no more than eight to ten thousand key which have been deliberately put out there to distract people throughout the world. It’s true they have a page 84