The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 83

The ITNJ Ratification Event The Presidents Room Westminster Central Hall London Monday 15th June 2015 Sealing & Signing of the ITNJ Treaty ITNJ Chief-Justice Sir John Walsh of Brannagh ITNJ Commissioner - His Grace Bishop Riah Hanna Abu El Assal ITNJ Law Commissioner - Dounne Alexander MBE. FRSA. ITNJ - Interfaith Councillor - Dhanesvara Das ITNJ Founding Trustee - Lewis Montague ITNJ Founder - Sacha Stone Witnessed By International Chapters of the Committee to Support the ITNJ & the World-at-Large via live webstream RATIFICATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR NATURAL JUSTICE AT WESTMINSTER CENTRAL HALL ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF MAGNA CARTA