The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 73

Because so much money is generated through child sex enslavement, the strategy of powerful child raping profiteers is/was accusing activists actually saving children of being pedophiles. This diabolical scheme has tragically proven all too effective. So the elite goes out of its way to protect the guilty slime while destroying the saints most dedicated to protecting children. Though the devil’s earthly dominion may seemingly reward the Luciferians, the [i] “CIA Agent Blows the Whistle ‘We Supply Elite Pedophiles with Children,” YouTube video, 2:20, posted on October 30, 2017, https:// [ii] “Context of ‘March 3, 1999: New Pearl Harbor Needed to Change US Military Policies, Says Expert,’” History Commons, http://www. [iii] Wesley Clark interviewed by Amy Goodman transcript, “Global Warfare: We’re Going to Take out 7 Countries in 5 Years,” Democracy Now/Global Research, March 2, 2007, re-going-to-take-out-7-countries-in-5-years-iraq-syria-lebanon-libya- somalia-sudan-iran/5166 tables are turning. [iv] Stuart Jeanne Bramhall, “The Arab Spring: Made in the USA,” Dissident Voice, October 25, 2015, the-arab-spring-made-in-the-usa/ But then there’s Howard Gutman, Hillary’s [v] Wayne Madsen, “America’s Disastrous Proxy Wars: Syria is the Latest,” Strategic Culture, October 17, 2015, news/2015/10/17/america-disastrous-proxy-wars-syria-latest.html ambassador to Belgium in Brussels, another pedo paradise, allowed to repeatedly act out engaging in sex with underage boys. But his pedophile boss squelched the investigation of Gutman and his security detail involving 8 separate cases, consistently shielding them from further exposure and arrest, keeping the ambassador on his job till the end of his term. [xlii] Of course this should come as no surprise, considering word has it Hillary Clinton’s sex video with her lover Huma Abedin both engaging in a lesbo threesome with an underage girl at Epstein’s Sex Slave Island discovered last fall on the pedo- jailbird Anthony Weiner’s laptop [xliii] is now about to go public via WikiLeaks. [xliv] For many decades this kind of flagrant government debauchery and cover- ups have been so rampant throughout the world, only confirming a much wider pedophilia trafficking network long held in place by the Washington- London-Rome-Brussels axis-of-evil ensuring child rapists in powerful places continue getting away with destroying children’s lives. But it appears those days may be over. end of excerpt [vi] Peter Dale Scott, article.html [vii] Steven Sahiouni, “From Al Qaeda Terrorist to CIA ‘Freedom Fighter:’ One Man’s Journey from Europe to Libya,” Mint Press News, June 14, 2017, m/al-qaeda-terrorist-cia- freedom-fighter-one-mans-journey-europe-libya/228842/ [viii] “Ten Things about Gaddafi they don’t Want you to Know,” Global Research, July 15, 2017, about-gaddafi-they-dont-want-you-to-know/5414289 [ix] “Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We Came, we saw, he Died,” Hillary Clinton interview, YouTube, 0:11, posted on October 20, 2011, https:// [x] Erin Banco, “Drug and Human Trafficking in ‘Lawless’ Libya is Funding ISIS,” International Business Times, July 16, 2015, http://www. [xi] “Italian Prosecutor: Evidence NGOs Colluding with Human Traffickers,” Tesfa News, April 23, 2017, italian-prosecuter-ngo-colluding-human-traffickers/ [xii] William F. Engdahl, “’Undesirable NGOs’ Fund ISIS-Linked Refugee Boats to EU,”, April 5, 2017, http://www. [xiii] Jennifer Smith, “Top Investment Fund Manager for George Soros who was Featured in Liar’s Poker ‘Ran Human Trafficking Enterprise in which he Raped, Electrocuted and Imprisoned Women in NYC Sex Dungeon,’ Lawsuit Claims,” Daily Mail, November 3, 2017, http://www. raped-beat-women.html [xiv] Jennifer Smith, Top-investment-fund-manager-raped-beat-women.html [xv] “Leaked Audio John Podesta Torturing a Child Part 3: The Original Examined,” YouTube video, 10:50, posted on February 16, 2017, https:// [xvi] Jennifer Smith, Top-investment-fund-manager-raped-beat-women.html I.T.N.J