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Karr . The pedophile was sent back flying unhandcuffed on business class to the United States greeted by huge headlines that he was the admitted killer of little 6-year old Jon Benet Ramsey back in 1996 Colorado . In retrospect , it appears that was simply a contrived federal ploy to extricate him from his Thai jail cell but more importantly distance him from the pedophiles he was running amuck with at the Bangkok embassy that Karr was alleged to be supplying with small children . Then in October 2006 since no DNA evidence matched Karr ’ s , he was set free yet again , despite his “ false confession ” and despite the child porn charges a half decade earlier that made him a fugitive . Miraculously those charges were thrown out because his old porn filled computer confiscated back in 2001 had suspiciously grown legs and disappeared from the Sonoma County , California evidence room .
In 2008 Karr was allegedly arrested for domestic violence toward a supposed girlfriend at his parent ’ s Atlanta home . Then in 2010 he resurfaced as a transgendered woman with a wacky Jon Benet cult he called the Immaculates , cyberstalking and threatening to kill one of 30 alleged procurers of his Jon Benet lookalikes . [ xxxvii ] These days the unpunished serial pedophile is allegedly a woman in order to make for easier access to 6-year old girls as his potential cult recruits . All of this could be smoke and mirrors to obscure the bottom line that Karr back in Thailand was living in a very upscale Bangkok neighborhood ( despite foreign media claims he lived in seedy , pimp and drug dealing squalor ) in extreme close proximity to the Danish and Austrian embassies , the Thai-German Cultural Center and Goethe Institute and Joint US-Thai Military Assistance Group . Wayne Madsen tracked Karr ’ s residence down and found that he was living amongst foreign diplomats , cultural mission staff and
US Special Forces personnel , and most likely being wined and dined by fellow residents that shared his hankering for little kids . [ xxxviii ] Under the auspices of both the CIA and State Department , it ’ s been confirmed that Karr provided children for sexual liaisons with visiting American VIPs that included Congress members . [ xxxix ] Because John Mark Karr had the damaging goods on so many of his elite clientele , he was whisked away out of Thailand using the Jon Benet lie .
While the CIA , State Department and NGOs are all paid big bucks to ostensibly fight pedophilia and child trafficking , they along with a complicit MSM actually protect child rapists like Karr and engage in character assassination and slander against good people who actually dedicate their lives to protecting at risk children . Madsen extensively covered what happens to the true child advocates on a mission to rid these safe havens from pedophiles when they become too successful , showcasing two American crusaders independently working in pedo-infested Pattaya , an infamous sex resort on the Thai south coast . Each child advocate – Sean Parlaman and Father Ray Brennan were heroes who paid with their lives after being maliciously targeted by the propedophile establishment . [ xl ] Peril befalls the righteous do-gooders including truth tellers from the press wanting to expose this pervasive criminality in the pedophilia empire .
While Wayne Madsen was investigating this story , former editor of the Japan Times Weekly , longtime respected journalist and child activist in Asia as well , Yoichi Shimatsu told him :
Reporters asking too many questions about pedophiles in Southeast Asia are likely to end up with a bullet in their head . [ xli ]
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Karr. The pedophile was sent back flying un- US Special Forces personnel, and most likely being handcuffed on business class to the United States wined and dined by fellow residents that shared his greeted by huge headlines that he was the admitted hankering for little kids. [xxxviii] Under the auspices killer of little 6-year old Jon Benet Ramsey back in of both the CIA and State Department, it’s been 1996 Colorado. In retrospect, it appears that was confirmed that Karr provided children for sexual simply a contr ٕɅѼɥєɽͽ́ݥѠ٥ͥѥɥY%ÁѡЁՑ)́QЁɔхѱ䁑х ɕ̸́mt ͔)5ɬ-ȁ)ɽѡ́݅́չՍݥѠѡ́ͼ䁽́єѕ)Ёѡ ѡЁ-ȁ݅́Ѽ݅́ݡͭ݅䁽ЁQͥѡ))她ݥѠ͵ɕQ=ѽȁ Ё(؁ͥ9٥э-ˊḛ)͕݅́ЁɕЁє̃q͔ͥt]ѡ %MхєѵЁ9=́ɔ)єѡɸɝ́Ս́Ѽѕͥ䁙Ё)ɱȁѡЁ՝ѥٔ5Ʌձͱѡ͔Ʌѡ䁅ݥѠЁ5M4)ɝ́ݕɔѡɽݸЁ͔́ɸՅɽѕЁɅ́-ȁ)ѕȁ͍ѕāͱ䁥ɅѕȁͥͅѥͱȁЁ)ɽݸ́ͅɕɽѡMݡՅ䁑єѡȁٕ́Ѽɽѕѥ) չ䰁 ɹ٥ɽЁɥͬɕ5͕ѕٕͥ䁍ٕɕݡ)́ѼѡՔٽѕ́ͥ)%-ȁ݅́䁅ɕѕȁѥѼɥѡ͔ٕ́ͅɽ́ݡѡ)٥ѽ݅ɐ͕ɱɥЁ́ɕӊéѽՍ͙հ͡ݍͥݼɥ)ѱфQɕə́́ͅѱݽɭѕ)Ʌ͝ɕݽݥѠ݅) ЁAх儰͕́ɕͽЁѡQͽѠ)ձЁѡ%ձѕ̰剕хиٽєLMAɱ)ѡɕѕѼɽɕ́ѡȁI ɕݕɔɽ́ݡݥѠѡ)́) Ё̸ٕ́ѕȁͱхɝѕѡɼ)m٥t)Q͔́ѡ)չչ͕͡ɥ́䁄ݽх͡иmtAɥ́ѡɥѕ)ɑȁѼȁͥȁ́Ѽص啅ȁɱ́́ՑѠѕ́ɽѡɕ)́́ѕѥձЁɕե̸ѡ́ձ݅ѥѼ͔ѡ́مͥٔɥ䁥ѡ)͵ɽ́Ѽ͍ɔѡѽѡЁɔ)-ȁQ݅́٥ٕ͍) ɡєɕ]]幔5͕ٕ݅́ѥѥѡ́ѽ)ٕ͕́䰁՜ɵȁѽȁѡ)Q́]䰁ѥ)ՅȤɕ͔ɽ᥵Ѽѡ͠ɕѕɹЁѥ٥Ёͥ́ݕ)ɥ̰ͥѡQɵ ձɅeMԁѽ) ѕȁѡ%ѥє)ЁULQ)5хͥхɽ]幔5͕ɅIѕ́ͭѽՕѥ́)-ˊéɕͥݸչѡЁ݅́٥́MѡЁͥɔѼ)Ёɕ̰ձɅͥхݥѠձЁѡȁmᱥt)