The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 71

and passport for almost another dozen years before Robert Finnegan, former Jakarta Post English he resigned. [xxxiii] After leaving his government post, editor, maintains he was physically threatened on he returned to Indonesia and was openly living with embassy premises by security officers for asking underage boys when he was busted yet again, but questions regarding then Indonesian Ambassador this time his government tenure wasn’t there to bail Boyce’s apparent tolerance towards pedophilia. him out of trouble. After receiving a 13-year prison Finnegan revealed that Boyce hired two Indonesian sentence the day before, he hung himself in his Bali nationals, one a CIA asset, to procure underage jail cell. Two Australian teachers who were child children for sex with embassy personnel. [xxxv] For rapists were allowed passports to flee Cambodia and outing him, Boyce had Finnegan’s journalist visa Thailand to escape justice. The Australian embassy in revoked, forcing him to return to the States despite Cambodia has a reputation for regularly covering up having an Indonesian wife. The State Department cases of accused diplomats raping local children. uses diplomatic immunity as carte blanche license to break laws raping children all over the world. Jakarta In his first term in office pedo boy George W. Bush embassy sources anonymously confirmed Finnegan’s signed into law tough anti-trafficking legislation revelations that State Department policy keeps only to pay lip service to it thereafter. The get tough circulating pedophiles throughout Asian countries. on pedo-peddling was merely an excuse to pour One embassy worker in Phnom Penh openly living money into making it easier for child rapists to with a young boy from Cambodia and another from rape. The State Department embassy in Bangkok, Laos was transferred to the small Muslim nation second largest in Asia to Tokyo, has long held a Brunei. When the government discovered his living scandalous reputation protecting their predators arrangement, the US shipped him off to Dhaka, posing as State Department employees. The CIA Bangladesh, another pedo-magnet. Meanwhile, per station in Bangkok is also second to Tokyo in size, SOP the CIA maintains pedo dossiers on hundreds and closely works together to maintain overseas pedo if not thousands of State Department personnel for operations. A 2007 Madsen article profiles the then blackmail purposes. current US ambassador to Thailand Ralph (“Skip”) Boyce, a career State Department diplomat stationed Chief procurer of little boys in Bangkok for the in many Asian countries including serving as the embassy diplomatic corps was John Mark Karr, an former ambassador to Indonesia. [xxxiv] Wherever American schoolteacher once married to a 13-year he was, Boyce repeatedly allowed pedophiles to old and busted in 2001 for child pornography back thrive under his watch despite coming under heat in the States, but jumped bail to evade the law and for willfully placing Thai children in harm’s way for the next several years floated from pedo haven to known predators. Both his consul general and to pedo haven – Costa Rica, the Netherlands, his American Citizens Services chief squelched Honduras, South Korea, until he wound up in pedophile investigations of the Bangkok embassy Bangkok teaching English at several international by Thai police. After a multiple decade career, schools to foreign and wealthy Thai children. [xxxvi] Boyce finally retired in December 2007. But the But it appeared his sexual improprieties with pedophilia problem in the State Department and US children had finally caught up to him when the government remains systemic. Bangkok police arrested him in 2006. Then a most bizarre twist of events suddenly, suspiciously freed I.T.N.J