The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 70

overdue justice and accountability, regardless of sanctioned by US State Department and CIA life position, station or power differential. And this is covered next as another big business taking dynamic is no more embodied than in the systematic place in Asia where children forced into sex slavery rape, torture and murder of kids. are servicing scummy foreigners, especially in Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. [xxx] But we still have a long ways to go. Victims of US wars fleeing for their lives often wind up as refugees in nearby surrounding nations – especially Turkey 2004’s day after Christmas tsunami in the Indian (with 2.8 homeless Syrians), Lebanon (over 1 million Ocean, so catastrophic killing nearly a quarter Syrians) and Jordan (two thirds of a million), [xxii] but million people, was seized upon by soulless also Egypt, Italy, Greece and the Balkans as massive pedophiles preying on defenseless children. Relief migratory transit zones. These countries in recent workers reported that an inordinate number of years have absorbed millions of Middle Eastern and young Swedish boys mysteriously went missing in African refugees, the largest human migration since Thailand’s southern Phuket Province, especially history’s deadliest war – WWII, and at 65.6 million, known for sex tourism and human trafficking. [xxxi] currently more people on earth are displaced than Meanwhile, in places like India, Saudi Arabia and any prior time in human history. United Arab Emirates blue eyed blonde boys are a [xxiii] These desperate, extreme conditions manufactured by the elite are most sought after preference. In Indonesia’s Aceh ideal for their hired vultures to have “easy pickings” Province where the tsunami damage was most separating children from their parents. [xxiv] The CIA, severe, police believe orphaned and separated US Military Intelligence, Mossad and MI6 typically children were abducted and moved by traffickers to coordinate these large scale child procurement black other islands and nearby Malaysia. Nearly 100 out of ops worldwide. From off the street, the seediest, the 565 total people missing were under 13. Similarly, low life