The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 69

kids on the Upper East Side. The sexual predator had along with whatever medical expenses were his two model-type employees do his bidding, both accrued. [xvii] Though thus far only three women similarly roughed up before being hired to act as his have filed suit, Rubin likely victimized others as slave procurers. The same brutal tactics are deployed well. This alleged sex slave violence that began in as in any large scale sex trafficking operation, using 2016 must have occurred just months after Rubin procurers, money and a high rolling good time as left Soros’ Mortgage-Back Securities Fund that he’d bait and switch to entice and trap the preyed upon, been managing during the seven years prior to 2015. drugged and powerless victims. Following a few short weeks on the heels of a fellow rapist’s colossal downfall in Hollywood, Harvey Once the slaves were flown to the Big Apple, they’d Weinstein’s years of sadistically misusing his raw, taxi to the penthouse where one of his accomplices brutish power to also humiliate, terrorize, degrade would suddenly confront the women needing to and control his female victims brought about his own sign non-disclosure agreements. self-undoing. [xviii] And then just days ago perennial [xiv] Next Rubin would wine and dine them with polite, respectful A-list actor Kevin Spacey suddenly got brave enough conversation at a posh Manhattan restaurant. But to cowardly hide behind the normative status of once they returned to Rubin’s apartment, he’d slip a homosexuality to come out in his feeble attempt to drug into their drink, gag and bound them and then escape judgment as yet another predatory pedophile. [xix] violently assault them in his secret sex dungeon. And just like Harvey before him, Spacey’s “House Similar to the audio recording making the internet of Cards” has fallen as a parade of more victims are rounds several months ago of a voice identical to emerging from the shadows. [xx] Turns out his Spacey alleged pedophile John Podesta screaming at the Foundation mentoring young children hungry top of his lungs at a poor traumatized little kid to for acting careers may be a cover for his boy toy call him “daddy,” trafficking gig. [xxi] Recall that Kevin was also a Lolita [xv] one of the Rubin plaintiffs was so severely beaten by Howie demanding that she Express frequent flyer down to Epstein’s sex slave call him “daddy” that she passed out. island. The rapists’ days of ruling Hollywood are over [xvi] Another sick quote while continuing to punch the woman as the parade of sexual predators become “flavor of was, “Howie is the daddy. The daddy has to beat his the week” karmic payback. baby.” Just before attacking them, two of the three victims state that Rubin yelled, “I’m going to rape The days when these kind of crimes and atrocities you like I rape my daughter.” One of the woman historically perpetrated by violently aggressive maintains she was raped with a cattle prod. Again, oppressors regularly hurting and violating others many of the same methods Rubin used to torture his with lesser power are finally being exposed. This victims come straight out of the CIA Monarch mind heinous behavior will no longer be tolerated or control playbook, strongly suggesting the possibility accepted like it has for so long. Unlike before, those that the billionaire’s secret dark side may be rooted who willfully harm others because they’ve always in Illuminati upbringing or MK Ultra brainwash gotten away with it will now begin paying a far more programming. serious consequence. And as the wake-up call of truth descends upon the barbarians, the new day Rubin managed to cover up his reprehensible crimes that’s dawning is empowering the meek and less by paying them $5,000 each time in hush money powerful to come forth and speak up, seeking long I.T.N.J