The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 68

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State EXTRACTED TEXT: CHAPTER 10 Book by Joachim Hagopian ANATOMY OF THE LUCIFERIAN ELITE’S GLOBAL CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING PEDOPHILE To corroborate already irrefutable evidence that the prime suspects with virtually the same results. [vi] CIA acts as the procuring pimps supplying the elite An aggressive NATO-US bombing intervention, with child sex slaves comes CIA whistleblower John again unleashing al Qaeda terrorists to wreak Kiriakou. He spent two years in prison for spilling further havoc [vii] to destroy Gaddafi’s plan to unite the beans on the illegal Bush-Cheney-CIA enhanced Africa under his gold backed dinar instead of the torture methods. His latest revelation discloses that US petrodollar, plunging once prosperous, oil- as a CIA agent, it was his duty to deliver child sex rich, emerging independent regional leader of a [i] slaves to pedophile VIPs. Multiple sources are all nation overnight into violently plundered failed saying the same thing. Just as with drugs, arms and state status… [viii] as Luciferian Hillary’s mission body parts, the CIA is the main dealer in selling accomplished. [ix] Evidence of collusion involving al children as well. Qaeda/ISIS, [x] the Vatican, various “humanitarian” NGOs like USAID and CIA again resurfaced, forcing Once the new millennium White House shift exploited Libyan migrants into human trafficking took over, the Bush 2-Cheney neocons proved rings. [xi] George Soros, the global kingpin of US “same as the old boss” Bush 1 and Clinton. Right hedge fund speculators, uses his massive billions to after their preplanned 9/11, US Empire was at it fund NGOs that are now directly involved in human again, exploiting their “new Pearl Harbor” to full sex trafficking as well as financing terrorism. [xii] [ii] advantage using their war machine-on-steroids to simultaneously invade Afghanistan and Iraq while And the latest bombshell is Soros’ top hedge fund (per General Wesley Clark) “taking down 7 countries manager in the US finance capital New York City in 5 years.” has been running a sex slave operation from his own [iii] As those costly quagmire wars dragged right into the seamless Obama regime, the CIA and Manhattan penthouse sex dungeon. According to Soros’ color revolutions (otherwise known as Arab a $27 million lawsuit filed by three Florida models, Spring) began popping up to spark yet more regime two of whom were former Playboy bunnies, 62-year change proxy wars, old Howard “Howie” Rubin lured the women to New [iv] murdering and displacing millions of mostly Muslims from ravaged homelands York through two female employees also named in in Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and the lawsuit who’d make initial contact on Instagram beyond. [v] and Whatsapp. [xiii] Rubin purchased his $8 million penthouse apartment for the special purpose of In Libya in 2011 the same pattern that “balkanized” raping and beating beautiful women as his very own Yugoslavia was brutally replicated by the same sex slaves and then go back home to his wife and page 66