The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 67

work? How they may or may not choose to heal their own ailments…. or what plant they may smoke in the sanctity of their own home. Law and Natural Justice can be summarized in one sentence; perfectly……’cause no harm, loss, or injury to another living soul and conduct no fraud in your transactions.’ So long as a human beings conduct themselves according to this simple dictum then there will never be a crime nor will there ever be a victim…. there will only be a perfect and natural social order. By contrast, in its efforts to control, harvest and monetize humanity – ‘government’ has dreamt into existence millions of ‘laws’ which are not laws at all. They are statutory provision, codes or ordinances which have essentially infiltrated the law books at the bidding of unelected officials, and by the assent of turgid bureaucrats. The immoral stench of this lawless globalist behemoth as it shreds our sensitivities and our sensibilities, is why awakened ‘citizens’ have had enough and no longer wish to play the ‘civilization’ game. Because they see how unbearably uncivilized our world has brutalized and desensitized it has become. Because no matter how uneducated or unsophisticated they may be, good people of the world still feel it in their common bones when the fabric of human-spirit is being defiled, molested and compromised. Natural Justice is the only recourse left to a world which is caught up in statutory conflagration and left on the brink of socioeconomic and socioecological meltdown. Listen to the people, not because they are making loud enough noises.....but because listening to the people and acting therefrom is the very reason you are elected parliamentarians and political representatives. The dispensation of ‘natural justice’ is where the white-noise of our civilizational hum becomes its most noble song. Listen closely and listen well. Because governments that do not do so will be held to task and held to account in the coming days of planetary psycho-cultural upheaval. The game is changing – as is the playing-field. Both will favour living-men and living-women of the living soil over fictitious corporations masquerading as governments. The International Tribunal for Natural Justice is readying for that call, and we welcome establishing cogent dialogue with all citizens, institutions, governments, and peoples of the world wishing to see restoration of the rule of law and a return to natural justice. Thank you for the kind invitation to address this august body. Let Right Be Done! Sacha Stone