The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 66

inorganic, soulless....that which is bereft of conscience. They are the aggregate of generational kingly and priestly lines, promulgating agendas of control and manipulation. Their critical remit – the control and harvest of human time and energy. Government is become the de facto enemy of living men and women of the living soil. At least that is what most common people think most of the time, when they are being over-taxed, under-paid and relentlessly penalized by commercial agents masquerading as ‘peace-officers’ and bullied by the petty- tyranny of officialdom. As a marginally jaded veteran activist cum citizen diplomat, I have for twenty years traversed the globe meeting and conversing with the full socio-political spectrum: from ‘terrorists’ to Heads-of-State. I have learned to understand much of the commonality cleft between both sides of the power equation. I should also add here that peace-activists and concerned citizens are nowadays labelled as domestic terrorists with power of the State seeking to crush dissenting voices……..voices which merely argue for sane relationship between governance and citizenry and the restoration of human dignity and exchange in all dealings thereof. Where the State should be serving its mandate in the best interests of citizens it all too often does precisely the opposite. It does so by playing into the hands of central banking cartels and vested interests.....and clicking its heels not to the mandate of living-souls but rather to the dictates of monopolizing institutions like the European Union, the IMF, the World Health Organisation….and so on. Every sane citizen knows that in the 21st century the State has unwittingly become servant of transnational and transcultural interests, and is now the mechanistic destroyer of the fabric of their own national traditions and cultural integrity. The Tavistock Institute and Fabian cloisters assured that trajectory generations ago, leading to the contemporaneous efforts of such perfidious institutions as ‘The Open Society’ courtesy of George Soros and his overlords. The destruction I am referring to emerges in diametric proportion to the State’s capacity to act in derogation and abrogation of civil liberties, human rights, civil rights, natural rights and plain common sense. This brings us to where people of the world have had enough! Where the State assaults the lives of common people with arbitrary statutes and codes infringing all dignity while seeking to commercialize and penalize us at every turn. Since when did people of the world sanction or vote for government to tell them what they can or cannot eat? How their children should be educat