The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 65

economics to infiltrate and diminish the fabric of social welfare is also a fact well known to honourable leaders in government and in civil society. Both the colour-of-law and abstract economics are the language of the Devil in our midst....that proverbial snake in the Garden of Eden. It is the language of Babel, professing everything to everyone.....understood by nobody. It is the language of the intercessory, the middle-man, the one who would profit from the very misunderstanding which is promulgated. And in the course of modern history whilst good people of the world were recovering from bloody World Wars, trying to find a dignified balance between sanity and survival….this language of obfuscation became the official language of government, ergo the status-quo. As I am in the middle of a 12-nation pit-stop tour across Europe I have had time to reflect in the past few days on this status quo, precisely because I have been looking out of a car window at the manifest fruits of that status quo. I will tell you what I saw: I saw a 21st century Europe being reduced to a homogenized wasteland..... the net-result of systemic industrialization of products, of services and of peoples lives. I saw vehicles stuck in traffic queues for miles and miles with not a single smiling face. I saw acres of billboards selling poisonous and unsustainable products to Mothers and Fathers and their children. I saw thousands of long distance trucks conveying shipments to distant lands....thus imploding their local economies. I saw countless multinational companies......real-estate agencies, littering towns and cities. I saw monstrous shopping malls, as big as international airports. It occurred to me that every time I looked at one of those shopping malls I was seeing wholesale government-sponsored demolition of small business folk and their once proud enterprises: shoemakers, greengrocers, cabinet-makers, pharmacists, book- sellers, restauranteurs and hoteliers. I sensed the broken dreams of thousands of honest family owned businesses annihilated over the past two or three decades by a creeping globalist monoculture which, wittingly and unwittingly, seeks to eradicate family values, community values, societal values and civilizational values. I witnessed all of this rushing past my car window. The bleak legacy of a social economic inferno being wrought upon millions of common people by the European Union and its nefarious raison d’être. The creeping monoculture I speak about is of course the natural outcome of a civilization which has on the one hand become drunk on excessive consumerism and is on the other hand traumatized into a false- model of scarcity-economics. Where everybody is living both in excess and a state of fear….reliant on the State to ultimately offer salvation. This of course is not only ironic but farcical. I say this because, with all due respect to this gathering of honourable souls, governments and their organs of executive, legislative and juridical process are themselves become the ultimate fiction. Perfectly embodying that which is