The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 64

LITHUANIAN PARLIAMENT Address to Lithuanian Parliament by Sacha Stone (Founder ITNJ) INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR NATURAL JUSTICE Excellencies, Distinguished Friends... I will state at the outset that I am both the least qualified person to be addressing you today and, in turn, perhaps the most qualified. I am least qualified because I have no formal education. I grew up in the African bush throughout the Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) war, leading to ten years as a refugee in the United Kingdom, stateless, without a passport or any nation recognizing me. I know very little of law or politics in the scholarly sense, and have zero qualification in either profession, however…. I am qualified to address you precisely because I represent the living man, and as such, waive all allegiance to culture or nationality in favour of allegiance to natural justice, pure-truth and the alphabet of the human heart. So I speak to these things today without ambiguity. It is precisely ‘natural justice’ which must be recognized as the cornerstone of any emergent human social contract today. Any government, institution or system which fails to recognize this foundational tenet will almost certainly bring about their own catastrophic failure in the socio-economic and socio-ecological upheavals already visiting upon us. So-called ‘terrorism’…….the so-called ‘refugee-crisis’ and so called ‘austerity’ are current indicators of the critical and unpredictable nature of our (end of) times. The fact that many of the most significant crises which inflame our global society are engineered and manipulated by forces amongst us is a fa ЁݕݸѼɅٕ́ɹЁ)٥ͽ丁QЁѡЁѡ͔ɍٕ́ѕѕɕ͕́ٔѡaȵߊdɅд)