The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 63

about it. I need to be called in front of the Treasury back from Phillip Hammond (saying) ‘Oh yes I Select Committee and asked the right questions, can, under the Financial Services Act (or whatever and then I’m under parliamentary privilege, and can it was) I’m allowed to do this. It was passed by an reveal most of the information (which) is absolutely act of Parliament’. devastating. Well of course it was probably in an Annex, or an I think the banks have got into a mindset now that appendix to an Annex on page 562, and it certainly they’re above the law and can get away with it, (along wasn’t understood by the members of Parliament with) Insolvency Practitioners, their lawyers, (and) the when they signed-up to it. So we don’t have a proper valuers. How are houses valued at 1.5 million suddenly system of regulatory authorities in my view at this valued at 400 thousand and flogged off? This is the sort time. I also think they’re far too small. The estimate of thing that has gone on time and time again, and is quoted by the National Crime Agency (I pressed them absolutely rotten….and I think Parliament is aware into this number)….by the University of Portsmouth of this. There was meant to be a debate about it in the in 2016 put the amount of fraud in the country at House of Commons yesterday, but it had to be put off £193 billion. for a fortnight because there was an emergency debate on Syria. We’d pay off our national debt in no time at all if we didn’t have it. I don’t think it’s very expensive to stop it. I think that will be an interesting debate. I went to I think we need to spend probably £500 million…..half a debate about it a month ago. It’s the only time I’ve of 1% of that amount. You need to set-up at a regional heard all seven Parliamentary representatives in the level, proper regional policing level, serious fraud house of Parliament all agree that something had gone offices which look at the frauds properly. extraordinarily wrong within our justice system. It is one thing them agreeing - and another getting some At the moment, my Superintendent who deals with action out of it. this, Offshore Fraud Office is also looking at child sexual exploitation. We need a dedicated experienced My concern under all of this is (that) I think the team to look at these thing and we simply don’t have Home Office would like to do something about it at the moment at any level of government. The it. I think the Ministry of Justice would. I don’t Serious Fraud Office is tiny….paid something like actually think the Treasury wants to do anything £35, £40 million….to tackle a problem that runs to about it, and the Treasury controls the Regulatory nearly £200 billion. We’ve got to spend money on this Authorities. It was interesting that last year the and it’s got to be money not from the Home Office, chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, Andrew but from the Treasury. I think it is the Treasury who Tyrie, wrote to Philip Hammond. It’s an open letter…. is putting the brakes on this, and I’m doing everything not a secret, and said: ‘You cannot go on closing down I can to stop. Anyway, it’s got quite a long way to our inquiries into these things’. He got a letter go, this one…..but I think we’re closer to getting something done about it than we have been in a very long number of years.” ITNJ Special Court Seating Global Financial Corrupton & Collusion I.T.N.J