The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 61

happened at the end of January last year (2017). I think after they’ve had all their companies taken away from that was the opening of the flood gates. They’d taken them, or their homes……the case will be put off and rather a long time to open. put off, and there’s a six year statute of limitations which the bank is well aware of on cases…..and they What became apparent was that the fraud wasn’t £250 play on that. million - or £245 - which we prosecuted on. It was near a billion on this one particular bank. It was an I’ve seen major companies (into the several hundred interesting fraud. They were defrauding not only the million pounds) that have been removed off people bank, but their clients at the same time. So I think and they simply are out-lawyered in the courts. I don’t it was a huge degree of incompetence by the bank. think the courts are remotely supportive, and I think But it also came out that there were a vast number of we (saw) that in the case we’ve just heard. other victims from RBS (and Lloyds itself) on a huge scale….the GRG division…..I don’t know how many The repossessions from Lloyds and RBS are still going companies with it…...something like 16,000 (I’m not on. I went to see Dame Linda Dobbs, who is doing absolutely certain of that figure). Only 10% ever got out the internal inquiry of Lloyds, the other day, and as of GRG. I walked down Deities Street again to see her, I was rung-up by a lady who was having her property taken Now you would think if these were toxic companies away as she spoke to me on the phone. The police were that were collapsing - GRG would be losing money. there, the bailiffs were there, and I couldn’t do anything They made an enormous profit. The head of it is about it…... there was a Court Order. Do I think now the chief of Santander, which I personally that Court Order was a fair one, that had been got at find extraordinary. That was stated in the house of properly? No I don’t for a moment think it had been…. commons by Sir Vince Cable. but there was nothing I could actually do about it at that stage. There was an interesting sideline to all of this, that most police forces do not have the money, or the capacity, I think (and it’s a personal opinion) but I do lead or the capability to take on fraud cases. When you find on major fraud for the Police Commission in the yourself legislating or prosecuting a bank - they have country, that something has gone seriously rotten the smartest London solicitors and unlimited money to in the leadership of some of our major banks at the spend on their legal cases. (As for) the police, it cost us moment. One staggering thing is that there’s nobody £7 million. We didn’t get much of that back, we got £2 on the board, I think there is one person on the board million back from the Treasury, from the Home Office. of our major banks, clearing banks, who’s a qualified banker. They simply are not qualified bankers. They’re No private individual can really take a case against the all accountants….or just businessmen….and of course bank. They will put the case off, they will come up with they’re making absolute millions. And their legal every problem, and even people who are still well-off expenses are not paid by them, they are paid by their shareholders. ITNJ Special Court Seating Global Financial Corrupton & Collusion I.T.N.J