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Witness Testimony EXTRACTED STATEMENT FROM ANTHONY STANSFELD, THAMES VALLEY POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER IN THE MICHELLE YOUNG CASE: A SPECIAL HEARING ADJUNCT TO THE COMMISSION OF INQUIRY Testified on April 18, 2018 before the I.T.N.J. re: Global Finanicial Corruption & Collusion ANTHONY STANSFELD is the Thames large proportion of the crime had been committed out Valley Police and Crime Commissioner in the of Redding. It was a vast fraud, and we duly got sucked United Kingdom (with parliamentary privilege). in and investigated. It took three years during which He is the first person to hold the post and was the bank offered very little support. elected on 15 November 2012. We only looked at a fraud of £245 million. I think there “Good afternoon. I’m an elected person as the police was a reason for that. It was deliberately being kept and crime commissioner. I’m elected over the Thames below £250 million. If it had been over, it would have Valley which is the biggest area really and non to have been reported in all their accounts, and they metropolitan area in the country. It’s got about 2.5 were very keen not to do that, as they were doing rights million people in it and it represents 21 parliamentary issues at the time. constituents including the Prime Minister’s and the last Prime Minister’s, the number two in government, so I After a case that lasted a very long time, and cost us have a reasonable political voice. about £7 million (should have cost a lot less if we’d had cooperation properly from the bank throughout) I’m in effect an executive chairman of law and the bankers were convicted. It was an interesting one order across said area, and in 2013 we started an that Lloyds bank denied throughout that period, even investigation into one of the banks. It was a bank that when their own banker pleaded guilty - they denied no longer existed, but had been taken over. But the the fraud. directors had been moved between the two banks, and that was Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) which For 10 years they knew about the fraud and for 10 years was taken over by Lloyds in 2008/2009, and it was an they had gone for the personal guarantees of the people extraordinary investigation. they had knowingly defrauded, and this bankrupted thousands of people. They had their houses taken away, Two other police forces had turned it down, the their homes….people committed suicide, there were Serious Fraud Office wouldn’t look at it. We did look divorces. Sheer misery it caused. The bank chairmen at it, and it was one family, a man and wife team called were perfectly aware of it because they were written to Paul and Nikki Turner who put the cases together and by so many victims, and it simply wasn’t followed-up. brought it to Thames Valley. It looked as though a very Eventually we got the convictions. I think the bank was actually horrified that we got the convictions, and that ITNJ Special Court Seating Global Financial Corrupton & Collusion page 58