The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 6

Justices, Commissioners, Your Grace, Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends... Welcome to the plenary seating of the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. The International Tribunal for Natural Justice was constituted in June, 2015, at a ceremonial seating, and ratification event, which was attended by a number of diplomatic delegations and witnessed by many thousands of people from across the globe. This Commission of Inquiry is the first such undertaking by the court and intends to make its findings and declarations heard far and wide. The Tribunal has amassed and continues to amass substantial support from leadership around the world in the political, diplomatic, religious, academic, and intellectual domains. More significantly, the ITNJ and its Commission carries the weight, the dignity, and the mandate of thousands of living men and women of the living soil, and it is this dignity, and this mandate which carries the highest in law as it does in morality. This tribunal is here to remind good government and institutions of the world to that very fact. Statutory overreach and bureaucratic obfuscation are one of the most perilous elements in our modern society, giving color of law to lawlessness, and giving impunity to petty tyrants and corrupt officials. In many instances this leads to the prorogation of a culture of bullying, of racketeering, and malevolence which poisons the very root of our social infrastructure. This Tribunal is also here to serve and protect those good men and women in service of government and institutions, those good oath-keepers, and those noble and decent servants of the public interest who often times are the ones most in need of remedy and recourse. In the course of this commission we will page 4