The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 59

We will also be sending this information to: all major Using the experience gained over the past three years, media sites, the NPCC in the UK, to university the ITNJ intends to create an independent prosecution Chancellors, to Directors of Social Services, to CEOs service – taking on the role of arbiter for cases put of Hospital Trusts, to television networks and radio forward to the ITNJ by members of the public. It will programmes, to Heads of Chambers at the Inns be a prosecution service ‘by the people, for the people.’ (barristers) and the Law Society (solicitors), NGO’s A truly independent organization that will investigate and IGO’s; asking for their support. and review cases put before it. This service will then decide, upon the completion of its investigation, We will bring all relevant organizations together to whether to bring the case to the ITNJ. fight as one voice to influence government and the United Nations. The plans for the dissemination of Right now we need to continue to work together, to this crucial and life saving information will be applied keep talking, keep emailing, and sharing on social to all countries using the above template. The ongoing media, until we bring these perpetrators into the investigation will involve more interviews with light and show the world that these evil practices are victims, interviews with police agencies, interviews no longer tolerated, that we, the people, have simply with politicians and others. had enough. Together we can help bring the heinous crimes of human trafficking and child sex abuse, being That’s about disseminating the information. But what perpetrated by people who believe they are above the can we then expect? law, to an end. In this noble endeavour the ITNJ will be purposefully leading the way. end of article F PLEASE DONATE NOW F I.T.N.J