The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 58

THE ITNJ JUDICIAL REVIEW Article by Commissioner Lewis Montague In April, 2018, the ITNJ’s first official Judicial Review are, in reality, their masters. The establishment is run on Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, held by ‘servants of the public’ – we wonder at what stage in Westminster Central Hall close to the houses of those roles were reversed. This review may well be the Parliament, London, the acknowledged seat of the first commencement of exposing the involvement of some efforts to create statute law, got off to an incredible, members of the establishment in these deplorable positive, and productive start. activities. The three day hearing, which heard victims and There is dire need for change in the attitudes of experts give testimony in Camera (privately), was the authority. While we tend to disparage authority in first major thrust by the ITNJ. This review is the first general, clearly the majority of people involved in our stage of an investigation into this global long-term various levels of government are people of integrity. toxic situation. These are the people we will be identifying as the eventual recipients of the proceeds of our work and The hearing is now finished – but, as mentioned, that the future influencers for the demanded change. We only heralded the start of a longer-term investigation are setting up a website to publish the efforts, as they by the ITNJ. unfold, to disseminate this valuable and essential information. So what happens when the review fully completes its An informative package will be put together investigation? highlighting the salient aspects of the review and will How are we going to use effectively this information be sent to members of Governments across the globe. that will become officially documented through the We will ask each recipient for a response to these Judicial Review, including numerous videos of the documents and their responses will be documented proceedings? on our web portal, including those who gave no response. We will post a copy of the letters sent and Ideally we would like to put before the public the all responses on social media for the world to see. findin w2bFR&WfWr'WBV6W&vr7G&VW"v2F6VB6V6BWGFW"FF6RvVFFV&Ɨ6F6RfFw26VB&R6VvRFBB&W7BW7B6f&֖rFBFWfR66RvR&Rv&Rbr7G&VVFW&FW2FW&W7BFR7V&V7G2&Vr&WfWvVB6VBFPR6VBG&rW"v66W62FvFR6V6BWGFW"B&V6VfR&W76RFVvRvW7F&Ɨ6VBvVF( B&RFW&W7FVB6&rFW6RfRf'v&BF6F7BFR6ƗF6'GfFw2vFFRV&Ɩ2FRW7F&Ɨ6VB&VƖWfRFRƗF6( 267FGVV7W'FrFVFFPFBFW6WFVǒ6G&FRV&Ɩ2bvFWfW"6b&W76R'FV"VV7FVBV&W"26`6VG'vWFW"FWfRVFW"&VVVV7FVB"&W76R6VBV66V7F2fW'6W&W0FVBF6F2bG'W7BvWfW"FRV&Ɩ27V&V7BGFW"vRS