The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 57

to do with love. The ultimate proof is that once these children’s bodies begin maturing and showing the signs of adulthood (i.e., pubic and underarm hair) the ‘love’ is over, and offenders then start to hunt for new, younger victims. Most of the child sex offenders I work with admit, after some months of treatment, that what they feel has nothing to do with the child but with the power and control over a more vulnerable ‘partner.’ They do it because they like it, and because they can. When asked about a specific victim several years after the abuse took place, most of the offenders even don’t remember the victim, let alone their name. What has love to do with it? Almost all of the offenders I had in treatment misuse the term pedophile. They said to me: “Miss Hutsebaut, do you know what pedophile means? It means: loving children.” My response is always, “You don’t love children, you love sex with children. If you really loved children then you would respect them in the first place.” The term pedophile is used as the first excuse of offenders to justify their crimes. We cannot allow that. Therefore I almost never use the word ‘pedophile.’ A better term to put the record straight is: pedosexual – sexually attracted to children I am honored to be part of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, and I was delighted the ITNJ had nothing to do with the existing judicial systems. I was in heaven to hear them talking about ‘Natural’ Justice: By the People, For the People. The ITNJ are very motivated, professional, and brave people working to achieve justice for victims of sexual and other abuses. Thank you for this. The ITNJ is a group that recognizes and respects the bravery of the victims coming forward with the unthinkable. And I keep in my mind all those victims who did not survive the atrocities done to them. My heart goes out to all those babies born into satanic networks which whom nobody has ever known of their existence. I hope all those victims can forgive me for not having been able to save them all. Child sexual abuse and child killings in criminalized organizations are the last taboo in our society. Let’s put the blame where it belongs: with the perpetrators and only the perpetuators. Let’s start to use the right words.