The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 54

Ritualistic child abuse is the most hideous of all temples, air force bases, deep underground military child abuse. The basic objective is to systematically bases, caves, and old warehouses; we were involved terrorize children (often performed by close in psychic driving where we wore a type of helmet relatives) until they are forced to dissociate so a and wires were connected to the tenderest parts of part of them can be controlled. Once the abuse our bodies. We were given pleasure when we did is over, the core personality is not conscious of what the torturers wanted and excruciating pain what happened. The victims lead relatively normal when we did not comply. We were pitted against lives, until they get triggered and flashbacks or each other, capped, mutilated, used for military nightmares occur. experimentation and our DNA was stolen and created for who knows what? But the worst part was Now keep in mind that this is, and always has been, being force to witness babies being tortured, raped, about money and power. It’s about creating robots murdered and eaten. that knowingly or unknowingly keep the drug cartels, violent gangs, human trafficking, sex trade, Our parents were often above us in a glassed room child trafficking, child porn industry and human where we thought they were looking down on us (it slavery as alive and lucrative as possible. was most likely a one way mirror where they could not see us at all). They were shown funny movies, Churches are the perfect places for this to hide. They so we thought they were laughing at us during our are filled with remorseful people that are told to read pain! The plan here was to shatter trust. To believe more scripture, repent and pay twice as much tithing that if we couldn’t even go to our parents, there as a part of the repentance process! They are not told was no place else to go (except to dissociate). The that as a victim it was not their fault. They are not experimentations I went through caused severe protected by the police and social services. In fact, earaches and endometriosis (each month my pain there is increasing evidence that CPS are involved in was so bad my mother would have to take me to the the human trafficking schemes while honest, faithful doctors to shoot me up with darvon or demerol to church members continue to be prey to pedophiles put me out for 2 days). April said that the little kids and taught to stay quiet instead. Police are complicit, would ‘borrow from my iron will’ when the torture Sheriff ’s are complicit, and all phony government would get so bad because I would ask to take the officials are more loyal to ‘the order,’ secret societies, torture instead of them. and the bottom line than to the people they are sworn to protect! The psychopaths do these things to families so they can control them (automatically and generationally). Children are the worst victims. There seems to be The good news is that this all ends when people start far more concern about damage to church buildings telling their stories. Only then can we see that they’re than damage to children! Meanwhile, untreated all the same story. We are the jailers and liberators. pedophilia leads to wolves in sheep’s clothing and the So may this tribunal eventually lead to not only sheer numbers of victims is staggering (who are often compassion for victims and perpetrators; but to only discovered after harm has been done). justice as well because we are the ones we have been During my families’ satanic tortures in churches, waiting for! page 52