The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 53

Nancy tried to tell, and was shamed, and got sent short meeting. When inside his office, he asked her away to Aunt Daisy. Dawn tried to tell, and got sent if she could keep a secret. She said, “Yes.” He said, to a Catholic convent with bars on the doors at “We’ll see.” She was asked to report back to him and 11 years old! Priscilla tried to tell and went to CPS bring her guitar with her in two weeks. as a child and was pushed out of a car half naked after being raped by her commanding officer. Irene At the end of 2 weeks she was sitting back in the witnessed my father rape our sister and she took same chair in front of him. He said, “Well, we found a gun and shot herself in the stomach rather than out that you can keep a secret.” He told her she was tell. My mother tried to tell and was sent to a place up for promotion (a singer/drug mule for a cruise for shock treatments for 6 months while she was line) and read her dossier. Then our entire family’s pregnant! Pamela tried to tell and divorced herself dossiers hit the floor including mine! They picked from the family for over 20 years and couldn’t bring them up and she asked him how he knew so much herself to attend my mothers’ funeral. about our family, and he answered: “Your dad sold you to us.” In that moment, I believed every word all April tried to tell and got her children taken away my sisters had told me. and put in prison trying to get them back! So I applaud my brave sisters for coming forward and My father was a ‘chosen one’ because of his having the courage to tell me their stories. It was exceptional IQ, his bloodline (he claims he is the difficult to believe all they were saying, but even illegitimate son of a Utah Senator), his desire to then (before my own horrific memories surfaced), follow orders, his talent (Air Force Band) and deep down I knew something was really wrong most of all – HIS ‘PATRIOTISM’! His family came behind the smiles and façades of my family and from Colonial Juarez in Mexico (a Mormon colony I needed answers. that funnelled Nazi’s into the states for Operation Paperclip). Mitt Romney’s polygamist family also I was 42 in 1997 when I saw Cathy O’Brien speak. came from there. She said she remembered me and my family during her ‘Mormon MK Ultra days.’ That was a stunner. Most members of the military never figure this But after that conversation with her, my sisters’ out, but when my father ‘enlisted’ in the Air Force, stories finally began to make some sense. The next his children instantly ‘belonged’ to the evil souls day I asked Dawn to repeat what happened to her in that perpetrated untold horrors on each of us. But the military and told her that I would believe her this blind trust is not informed consent and this kind of time. (A word about Operation Mockingbird: When trickery on paper is not consent! What is sad is that my sister Dawn joined the army, she was on a base my father did it all under the guise of ‘patriotism’ to where ‘enlistees’ became Hollywood stars. Talents God and country! He was also a multi-generational were showcased, lots of parties went on constantly, cult member of a satanic ritual family that was deeply and she noted that drugs were everywhere present embedded into the Mormon church that also asks on the base and literally free for the asking.) us to pledge ‘our time, talents, property, and all with which the Lord has blessed us to building up the She told me how she was asked to mee ]HX[[HوۈX\ &HH]Y\[ۈ]Y¸&XܛHY]8&HH\Z[]\H\K]\HH\Y\Έ8&]&BK