The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 52

Witness Testimony JUDICIAL COMMISSION PURE-VERITAS VALEBIT EXTRACTED STATEMENT FROM KRISTY ALLEN Testified on April 17, 2018 before the I.T.N.J. regarding the MK-Ultra program and Satanic Ritual Abuse KRISTY ALLEN was a former highly awarded of their DNA, talents and special gifts. It’s about how female vocalist in the Mormon church. She had an the ‘Priesthood’, sacred societies, Freemasonry, and acclaimed singing career which ended upon a a satanic pedophilia agenda is widely used to control spiritual awakening where she was forced to face governments, religions, and local police to do their the sudden realization she and her many siblings bidding. had been embedded in the MK-Ultra/SRA program. The darkness loves to hide behind the light so don’t “I wish I could say that ritual abuse happened in be surprised when I tell you that the same Mormon isolated incidents that were few and far between. Bishop (later to become a Prophet of the Mormon That it was only Hollywood that had been taken Church) tried to rape a friend of mine right after she over by the Satanists because of their very special got married. He was the same ‘Priesthood Leader’ bloodlines. But it’s the chosen ones and the that later officiated in a satanic ritual where he non-chosen ones. The expendables and the almost got away with raping, killing and offering my non-expendables. The babies and ‘milk carton’ kids sisters to an ‘unknown God’ in the SLC temple. in large numbers (some say Satanists are between But it’s also about the power of love and acceptance 8–11% of our population!) that are sacrificed in and trust. It’s about one woman’s search for answers, every large and small town in America. and healing, and the story of how she found her true love (Dr. Dean G. Allen, PhD). She was a celebrated My family were part of the MK Ultra program Mormon singer. She had a radio show. She hosted started by Operation Paperclip and masterminded by TV shows and wrote beautiful songs. But she had a our original handler Mr. Greenhalgh. To us he was secret that she couldn’t tell (and holding it in almost Mr. Greenhalgh, but there is reasonable evidence to killed her). suggest that his real name was Joseph Mengele (the Operation Paperclip Nazi scientist who used names Dean said that telling the truth is the greatest with the word ‘green’ in them). My family were human trauma because it has been punished over used as entertainers, child pilots (in wars), medics, the centuries more than anything else. So everyone special messengers, high priced call girls, Presidential has this in their genetic memory and are triggered models, sports figures, & international spies. whenever they do it (which is why so many keep This story is about generational incest, abuse, CIA their experiences to themselves). Since sharing my kiddy porn distribution, and satanic ritual families story, I’ve lost a 20 year singing career, lots of money, that have no idea what they are involved in on a and my home (not to mention some ‘touch and gos’ conscious level. It’s about mind wipes and controlling with my health!), so I know how unpopular the truth those that have the most to offer the world because can be in some circles! page 50