The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 51

sophisticated systems, from the ground level to the halls of power, across the globe. It was evident that human trafficking and child sexual abuse is a multibillion-dollar industry entwined in commercialism, greed, lust, and power which is gnawing away at the face of HUMANITY. The survivors experienced utter isolation from the people in ‘trusted support systems’ and were under constant control from the abusers. Most victims become trapped in a vicious circle and fail to survive, or meet their needs to survive, because of their distrust in their communities, past trauma, religion, cultural barriers, and they often enter the dark world of being abusers themselves. Some of the places where these abuses are allowed to happen are the victims own home, welfare homes, schools, N.G.Os, Governmental organisations and departments, churches, online platforms, and areas where natural disasters or war expose women and children to gross exploitation in the most horrific ways. The ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry is here to listen, to investigate, to consider evidence, and become the voice for these cruelly silenced victims of human trafficking and child sex abuse by addressing the plight of the abused and the methods of the abusers. $3 million dollars is required by the Commission to educate communities of this plight, and will make it possible to create action plans in several countries to help put an end to these unacceptable practices. It will play a pivotal role to secure an end to the trafficked and sexually abused children and adults in our world. It is the responsibility of every human of every race, sex, creed, country, or religion, to actively facilitate the securing of basic human rights for all citizens of the world. Join us. Together we can break this cycle of abuse for the most vulnerable men, women, and children on this planet.