The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 50

AN OPEN LETTER Vanita Patel MBE COMMISSIONER FOR THE INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR NATURAL JUSTICE I n April, 2018, during three beautiful Spring days, I attended a poignant hearing on human trafficking and child sex abuse hosted by the International Tribunal for Natural Justice at Westminster Central Hall, just steps away from the British Parliament. As a newly appointed Commissioner I was expecting to hear and see some awful things human beings do to each other. A long-term supporter and Patron of Anti Slavery International I knew of the horrors of the abhorrent practices of the past and present slavery trade, particularly human trafficking and child sex abuse. I know that, according to the 2017 Global Slavery Index, there are an estimated 45.8 million people in some form of slavery in 167 countries around the world. Slavery is more prevalent today than it was centuries ago when slavery was actually legal! I also know that basic human rights of children and adults are being grossly violated, but I was not prepared for what was presented at this Inquiry. Just an hour into the harrowing testimonies and evidence presented at the hearing, the face of humanity began to grow uglier. I learned that almost eight million missing children get abused and often murdered by the pedophiles of the world. That is 22,000 children a day! I heard cases of gross child abuse in its most sadistic forms, and evidence of organs forcefully removed and sold for profit in China from the Falun Gong communities. Desperate patients from across the world travel to China and are able to search and buy organs within days compared to waiting years in other countries. Falun Gong practitioners adhere to truthfulness, kindness, and are completely non-violent, therefore they are no threat to the Chinese Communist party, yet they are persecuted. They pay the price for their healthy lifestyles by being robbed of their ‘healthy’ organs... very often while still alive! Men, women, and children are subjected torture and cruelty in inhumane and degrading ways. Hour by hour the testimonies and substantiated records and experiences revealed that, despite the efforts of the international community to combat these abhorrent practices, they are still widely in existence, and in many hidden forms. Often these practices are organized in highly page 48