The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 49

• dealing with trading in personal data including greatest skin in the game. The network (the whole ‘professional firms’ operating schemes of Ponzi scheme) is at risk if the Target(s) or any part ‘sweating the assets’ that is to say information of it survives. of clients and targets, to fuel long term networks and alignments; Once such ‘buy in’ price has become a ‘norm,’ • providing for registers with integrity which do including heightened risk and stakes, all bets are off not separate ‘lawyers’ (no evidence required) as to the eventual outcome. and landowners. The global economic uncertainty together with the Until the repair happens in practice there is an impact of market instability is not easily capable of anonymized lock-in of the Target in the courts, being quantified. whose identity and property are taken and used. This includes in out of court ‘contracts,’ i.e. FORWARD LOOKING ‘commercially’ binding contracts on those seeking to The Commission has opened in times of join or operate in a network but otherwise void ab circumstances of extreme global uncertainty (April initio. The transaction expenses are underwritten by 2018). This gives a moving backdrop. Most public the Target’s estate, and there is no mechanism to get enquiries are forced to focus on boundaries and out. The conditions of slavery servitude and forced fixing the questions they seek to have answered or labour for no pay continue indefinitely. In other issues exposed. Inevitably this means they suffer words the judicial system, guardian of the sanctity of from ‘built in obsolescence.’ A recent example is human life, operates to close a person down, whilst a House of Lords enquiry which has published outside the court the message goes ‘close the family research on BREXIT transition and post BREXIT files’ or there is an undocumented threat. in regard the European courts for dealing with disputes, with preliminary conclusions of diminished The effectiveness can be measured by the ‘buy- influence and accountability. It is to be used to in’ cost, for example joining a limited liability inform debate. The scope was set to exclude ECHR. partnership operating on a debenture from a bank. The Commission can usefully make use of this The bank has full rights at any time, that is the preliminary research work, yet incorporating operation is wholly tied to the bank (in essence evidence as to the extent the encountered difficulties bank le