The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 48

My testimony as witness brought into evidence This means a human must consider the potential pricing and information issues which came out of change and make a decision (not a computer, robot, introductions by the Commissioners of their own or computer linked to other computers operated experience. This experience was not otherwise by labour from a staffing agency). Second he brought into formal opening evidence. This included shall make entries (implicitly having considered the buy-out price from bondage of a child tied to the proposed change). This should be effective in a loom for his working hours (900 rupees); and preserving the integrity of the register unless there the example of young men sold to be used for is contamination. “Policy” (i) exonerates ‘lawyers’ gratification/exploitation purposes ($700). There including ‘conveyancers’ from attaching raw evidence was also shown two images side by side: the first emanating from the principals/owners themselves. image showed kids in a cart on a field putting Others as land owners must provide evidence; (ii) their hands out to another kid to help him up (the pushes the operations away from the local area to inference being an image of presumed poverty and which they relate, such that the register staff are exploitation) and the second image showing a luxury not first hand informed and the registers are not yacht harboured somewhere in the south of France accessible by foot and to those who do not use (the inference being an image of presumed wealth). technology; (iii) there are no or limited opportunities The point being made was of the concentration of for work were register staff to resign. Consequently global wealth, as defined, in the hands of the few. there is no trodden path for repair. The indemnity The complex interconnect and causal links between from the Land Registrar provided for in law, the two requires unbundling. ‘Ethical investing’ goes effectively disappeared to be replaced by a ‘fund’ some way to identifying the problem by demanding inaccessible without ‘litigating’ i.e. gone without sufficient information in market reporting that withdrawal through Parliament, which would not be covers the entirety of the supply chain. achieved without full and true picture. CONCLUSIONS - Money cost of repair is trivial My testimony concluded by saying that each time The money cost of essential repair is trivial. It is there is a perversity (on a register, in the court) the achieved by: converse (relief) is automatically triggered. This, • addressing the facilitating devices (ultimately on the surface, suggests that the ‘system’ is self- these do not work because a price cannot be adjusting. This is because the Target (who may be put on human life; the subject of bullying for example to cause them • recognising that the biggest advantage of to abandon their standing and estate) automatically crown proceedings is not value recovered but acquires a valid cause of action. In practice this is not curtailment of the wrongdoing; the case. • tackling anonymity at the front door of the court (including funding) as a precursor to - Policy crossing the threshold; In practice the apparatus or organs of state are not • a first authority that value creation by bringing geared up to perversity or contamination of law down judicial standing is a perversity and enforcement by policy. The Land Registry and Land contempt. Contempt of court is a recognized Charges Register in the UK is an example. The Chief omission from the civil procedure rules; Land Registrar may make a change on the register. page 46