The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 42

AN OPEN LETTER Bishop Riah Abu El Assal TRUTH & RECONCILIATION COMMISSIONER T he Bachelor of Divinity degree that I received in 1964 came from the first university ever built in India. It was founded in the city of Serampore, in 1818 by William Carey, a British shoe-maker and a Baptist missionary to that sub-continent (1793-1834). This same William Carey is noted for his call a day before he commenced his journey to a land he knew very little about: ‘EXPECT GREAT THINGS FROM GOD. ATTEMPT GREAT THINGS FOR GOD.’ In following like-wise, the International Tribunal For Natural Justice resolved to take upon itself the task of addressing what maybe described as an ‘impossible mission,’ i.e. human trafficking and child sex abuse, both a crime against humanity, and a sin against God. The Tribunal’s attempt is not only for God’s sake, it is also on behalf of the millions of people created in His beautiful image... those who sufferer at the hands of traffickers and abusers every day. The first step on this long and challenging journey has already been taken, and taken in the right direction. The Tribunal called for a three-da V'&brB#BvW7F֖7FW"FVvBFRFVFv2FrFRB76Rf"f7F2Bv&rvFf7F2F6Rf'v&BBFW7FgFW6RBF&vWBF6RVvvrF2Wrf&bFW&6fW'f&6V@&"6WVWFF6W&6ƗFbWr&&&&W26WV'W6RbvVB6G&V7&VFrVF&ƖF"7&֖GW7G'FRVFFRv2FG&6FvffVBF0VB&&&&2'W6W72V6W&vrFW'2bFR6R֖BVRvFFvGBwWG2FG2FWBVBFF2FV2WW&66RW'7VrFBvFRG&'VfFVB6WfW&VRg&FffW&VB'G2bFRv&BF6RFW7FgFR&V6&FrbFV"FW7FW2v2@26ǒf"gWGW&R7FFV"&VbFR66RBFR6W6Rb6G&VVFW"FRvRb66VBv2&W6VBW"V'G2B֖G2vRvW&Pf&VBFBFV2bFW6G2bFV&R&Vr''WFǒB6WVǒ'W6VBBVgBFƗfRvFfV"@fVVƖw2b6RFB&RV&RFf&vWBB&VfW"vWfW"&R&VGFf&vfRvRFF6Rb&V6VB7F2FV'6W&6VFW'32ƖW72Rg&62&VfV7Fr6@'W6R66R'&66RF֗GFVB( w&fRW'&.( 2VFvVVBFFs( Ē6fW72F26W6VBPB6R( R6fFVBFRf7F2F6R&Vf&R&R6Rג&VrFV"f&vfVW72धW7FvV'&6&6b6FW&'W'&VfV7Fr66W2b6B'W6R'6W&6VRF֗GFV@fW&S( vRgVǒ66WBFRfW&W2bFR6W&6bVvBFR&Vb6fVwV&Fr( ЧvRC