The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 41

50 minutes later we heard gunshots, and that was Since I started campaigning with my friends here not machine gun fire, it was many rifles shot at same (Ethan Gutmann and Hon. David Kilgour), the most time. We can tell that. question that comes forward is how on earth can you do this, you’re doctors, you’re supposed to save So that is like the order, we rushed in. On the left people’s lives and you are killing it. side of the hill, on the slope of the hill we can see five, or six, or seven, I don’t exactly know how many, Question by Chief Justice: “If you had resisted and executed bodies. The shot is to the head from the not done what your were told, would you have been back so the front of the head is blown away. And you killed?” can see all the executed prisoner’s heads are shaved, like mine, with prisoners clothes. Then there’s a Answer: To answer that you have to understand the police officer that said, “Go to the far right and that Chinese system. There is one employer, the state, one is yours.” I said, “Why is it mine?” Anyway, so everybody is working for the state. If you don’t obey we went there and the two chief surgeons said, “Now the order, then you are out of a job, if you are out of you take this body into your van and extract the liver job in that time China, it means you cannot get any and the two kidneys.” job anymore. Your life is done. Now I understood what my duty was. And this man Question by Chief Justice: “Where you made to was wearing civilian clothes with long hair, and the repeat this terrible experience?” shot is to his right chest here. As a surgeon I know that is a deliberate act, just make sure you will die, Answer: No. ...I guess it was because I was the only but not die immediately, so I have time to extract the one free on that day so I was chosen, and also in 1995 organs. So when we put him in the van and the two in Xinjiang the scale of the oppression it wasn’t that chief surgeons guiding or observing, standing there, big, and the reason they choose the Uighur people and they say, “Okay, you do.” So I take my scalpel is there is nobody else on earth that are speaking for and when I cut through his body he tried to struggle, us, so nobody cared and that’s how they turned our but he was too weak to resist against my action. And homeland a laboratory, gigantic laboratory. I can see blood come out, it means the heart is still beating, so he was alive, he was actually alive. (Shows a photo of a sign painted on the floor of a Chines airport) This is a sign on the floor of one At that moment my whole body turned into a of the airports in Xinjiang, and that’s the Chinese robot, just carrying out the duty for which I was language (on one side) and the next one is an arabic- programmed to do. Finally I removed the organs looking language, which is the Uighur language, so and the Chief Surgeon said, “Now you take your a combination of these two languages and this sign team back to the hospital, and remember, nothing can only been found in the Xinjiang airport, and happened today.” As a man born to that society I what it says is, ‘Special passenger and human organ know what that means, since that day, none of us ever transplantation expressway,’ and this is at the airport. talked about it, because we tried to forget about it. So imagine how big this traffic is to make an airport And then the two chief surgeons took the organs and give you special pass-way to go freely. And that tells they left, so where the organs went, I don’t know... you the scale of this Chinese operation.” I.T.N.J