The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 40

Witness Testimony JUDICIAL COMMISSION PURE-VERITAS VALEBIT EXTRACTED STATEMENT FROM DR. ENVER TOHTI Testified on April 17, 2018 before the I.T.N.J. regarding the Falun Gong and forced organ harvesting programs in China DR. ENVER TOHTI is a renowned surgeon In 1995, I think it was a Wednesday...and that who speaks of the horrific crimes against the Wednesday I happened to be the one free that didn’t Falun Gong by the Communist Chinese who have operation (on the schedule), so the day before, have an agenda of forced organ harvesting. my two chief surgeons called me into the office and said, “Do you want to do something wild?” I said “The speakers (before me) have given you a general of course! I was so excited, because, I mean, I was picture, I’m here to tell you how this kind of thing young, and something wild means you don’t get can happen in China. Because it can. Because I chance to do it. They said, “Assemble a team and did one. There’s a fundamental difference between bring the mobile operation equipment and meet us western mind and the eastern mind. The western at hospital gate tomorrow at 9:30am.” So I did. people they assume innocent until proven guilty. In the East, it is the other way around. So if you look At 9:30am I have my team and our van and the at ‘Your Heart, My Skin, must be different,’ that is two chief surgeons appeared in a car and told us to philosophy of Chinese culture. And this culture follow them. Of course we were all young and so has been well adopted by the Chinese Communist excited wondering what are we going to do. Then we Regime. So what this says is anyone labelling followed them from the direction traveling towards himself anything other than Communist Party, his the west. I know in western mountain area we have a heart must be different, therefore you are subject to branch hospital, so I thought we are going there, but whatever punishment available. half way there we turn left again and head straight to the mountain area and I got lost. I said where are And a person like me, born to that society, just like we going. Our driver, he knows, and he said we are born straight into the washing machine and get going to the execution ground. my brain washed, so I believed, genuinely believed whatever I had been told from the school, it’s true. Execution ground? What are we going to do there? Just imagine people in North Korea now, it is who I We were actually a little scared wondering what was back then, I believed it. I believed that anyone are we going to do there. Anyway, we had been condemned to death by authorities is enemy of the told we have to go, so we go. Then we arrived at state. And me, as a surgeon of this country, I have the execution ground, it was behind a hill, and the moral duty to eliminate the enemy of the state. And two chief surgeons told us, “You wait here behind this is our mentality. Of course, I have discovered this hill, and when you hear the gunshots you just what is called human rights, what is called turn around and go inside.” Then we went silent. civilization when I came to this country, and that is Everybody stopped smoking and just standing how I decided to speak out. there and don’t know what to do. Probably 40 or page 38