The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 38

Witness Testimony JUDICIAL COMMISSION PURE-VERITAS VALEBIT EXTRACTED STATEMENT FROM ETHAN GUTMANN Testified on April 17, 2018 before the I.T.N.J. regarding the Falun Gong and forced organ harvesting programs in China ETHAN GUTMANN is a Nobel Peace Prize these have become potential executioners and now nominee and co-founder of the International they really are the one who do it. These people are Coalition to End Organ Abuse in China. done (have their organs removed) while they are alive. “This is an interesting picture (shows image of ... What (the research has) shown is that it’s not 10 Chinese execution ground) and if you look at it, thousand transplants a year, as the Chinese claim, it’s an execution ground. Look at the expressions, I it’s kind of an off-hand figure, it’s 60 thousand, or don’t know if you can see it that clearly, but look at 200 thousand, easily. That’s a phenomenal figure the expressions on the faces. You’ve got one that’s and it means that the Chinese are, by far, number kind of reserved and he’s holding himself back, one in the world in this industry... and the fact is the he’s trying to look official, there’s another one that’s main stream media has covered this issue. It’s been trying to pretend it’s all a big joke, actually I think in the New York Times six times over the last year he’s probably a leader based on the mustache, and the and a half. People just don’t look at the articles, they one in the front is looking at us defiantly because he’s don’t click on them. That’s the truth. It’s been in the the one that just did the shooting. You see that rag on Globe and Mail, it’s been on CNN. Our report was his arm? That’s to prevent his uniform from getting directly reported on by CNN and Times of London, stained from the back-splatter as he fires the gun into Independent, Guardian, Telegraph, people don’t click the heads of the people he shot, and you can see the on this stuff. There’s not a lot of concern about it. people that have been shot there. And the reason we And this is the truth. have this picture at all is because in China this is an ... But he bigger mystery was what happened in acceptable picture... China and this map is just to give you…(shows ...But I think the significance of this form of organ image of organ harvesting map) relevant sights and harvesting is this, these are the new executioners. locations... If you were to actually cover all the places In other words, this is not really money based. The where organ harvesting takes place, all the prisons backbone of this whole thing is that it came from the and hospitals and so-forth, you’d have a black mass Communists party’s desire to control populations, over the entire east coast. But if we look towards not to make money. I mean making the money, the northwest, in that desert region up there, that’s in China these things get mixed up like they do Armuchee, this is the home of the Uighurs, and anywhere, but money is really the corruption, the Xinjiang, which Uighurs call East Turkistan, and it’s kind of gasoline that keeps the engine going. But the at the Air Force hospital that our story begins. The original creation of that engine was g&FR7FFR"f&6R7F2vW&RFRf'7B&vg&7&V6vǒf"FR7B#V'2&Vǒ66RrƗF6&6W"FBvRrbv26BrvR3`