The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 37

in exchange for promises of medical reform. As ... The Chinese regime is not going to open up a survival mechanism for our species we must because of our trade with it... Governments and contextualize, evaluate, and ultimately learn from business elsewhere, and business everywhere should every human descent into mass murder. The critical examine why they are supporting the violation of thing is that there is a history and only the victims so many human rights in order to increase trade families can observe the party from it’s weight.” and investment with China. It’s resulted mostly in national jobs being outsourced. I wonder how many Ethan, David Mavis, and I released an update in jobs have gone from Britain to China, or Canada. June of 2016, in Washington, Ottawa, and Brussels, The U.S., by the way, estimates it’s about Z[[ۂ[H[X\]H\X]KHH[H[؜]HۙH[K[X] L\[[ ]8&\ݙ\ \[\[X][HXܚY\]HY [و[H]H[ݙY Y\x&]HۙH[\H][\K[K\HH\YۈX\[^[]B\H\Y[K[HۘYY]H[]ۜ[Y\]HYۛܙHH[X[X[ [ZHYYX[\[\\\[Y[[XX[[\ۛY[ZYHX\YX]\[Y[\]HX]\X[ ]\\[\H][ۘ[XH[OˋH]K\[\[HXܛ[K[]8&\[HBݙ\Y[ []8&\HۛHXH[Hܛ] [H\H[ۈHXHYۘ]\H\BHݙ\Y[[\Z[\Z[\\[HܘYX܈[\Xܛ[K[[YHBو[[[X[Z[ˈۙ\ܙX]YH\[[[Y]\\B\HX\[\X[[^Hܚ•HۘYY ]][\K]HZ[[][Hو M\H^HH\H ^HXZHۜ[Y\\[[[\YX\\HZ[ۙHXˋ؝[\H܈][K[][ۘ[\[Y\˜Xܛ[KH\[X][H L ]H]YHو[K[\H^H\K\ۜ]]\™ݙ\Y[Z\۝[H[H]^H\Hܛܜܘ]H\\ۜX[]H[H[][ۈق[ˈ\x&\H\HX[و[Y\ۛܜˋ[\[[܈[YX]H\ۜHH[\H]\[۝XY\ۙ\ˈH^HY[\\و[K]Y\\]Y]XX[Hۛ\ X] ML[HH^H\HZ[[Y܈Z\ ][H[HوH[[][ۈ[\Bܙ[[[K]8&\Hو[X[Z[ˋ[[H]8&\[\XH[HH\X\[[BX[\ۙH[ۛHH]Z\[[ۙ\‹[H\HۛH[HۈX\ YY\[ۙ۝H]X][H[]Z[[\[B[[Y[\H\\\H[YHܙ[[H[[][ۈٙ\[ۈYܙHX[H[ܙB^X[ۋ[\H\\\H[]HYܙH[[[\H[Y܈Z\ܙ[ˋXYY\\ˈZZ[\ܙYXH[\Hܚو[\[[\X\\]H [[[ۘ\[ۋH\\[H]\[[ۜ]YHX\[[و[[[\X[ۈ\[ܙ[[Y[[[][ۂXX[HH\ۙHوH[\X\]KZ\Hˈۙ\HX[]H]YۛH X]\H\[x&[X\[H[ H\ۙHو\[[[\YX\Z[ۙHXܛH\[ۜ\Y\H\][ۜ[[K\HZYYܙH]YX[X]H ML[Bx&[[[HX]] H^H\HZ[[Y܈Z\ܙ[˸'BK