The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 36

Witness Testimony JUDICIAL COMMISSION PURE-VERITAS VALEBIT EXTRACTED STATEMENT FROM HON. DAVID KILGOUR Testified on April 17, 2018 before the I.T.N.J. regarding the Falun Gong and forced organ harvesting programs in China HON. DAVID KILGORE is a former Canadian to institutions across China, hospitals, prisons, and Secretary of State and author who is devoted so on, mostly hospitals, asking if they had Falun to ending human trafficking, and in particular, Gong organs available. Falun Gong practitioners exposing the scourge of Falun Gong persecution. don’t smoke or drink, they are very healthy, and that’s the reason people wanted Falun Gong organs. “It is estimated today that there are more slaves than any time in human history, as I think we We discovered that, and it was mentioned in the all heard yesterday. People say why? It’s a lack of film, that ONLY the Falun Gong were examined by general awareness, it’s poor data, it’s insufficient doctors coming into these forced labor camps, and of legal systems. Most absent of all is a coordinated course they wondered, “Why are you examining me international campaign, responsible national while you are torturing me to give up my Falun Gong governments worldwide need to act together beliefs?” on this terrible issue with the unified purpose. The way it works... is when somebody arrives at ...there’s a related scourge of organ pillaging, which Shanghai, Shanghai is where most people go from we’re speaking to today, it’s been going on for about Europe, they are blood tested and so on, and then 20 years. In mid 2006 the coalition to investigate they go out on the computer and they find a match the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners asked for somebody through this testing of Falun Gong, David Mavis and I to investigate it. We both went in and they go out to the camp and they grab the poor to it with open minds, we were both hoping it wasn’t man or woman and give them potassium, now it going to be true, but we very quickly discovered appears, and their liver, or whatever, is taken out is that it was true, and there’s been referenced to fifty flown to Shanghai, and somebody comes back to kinds of evidence. I was a prosecutor for 10 years London with a new liver. They are probably told they so I should know something about evidence, and are getting it from a convicted murderer, although of we came-up with a report, a revised report, and course they don’t want it from a convicted murderer, then a book we called, ‘Bloody Harvest,’ and we’ve they want it from a Falun Gong practitioner... continued to investigate ever since. The next part of my talk is dealing with Ethan We concluded that for 41,500 (transplants) done, in Gutman’s book ‘The Slaughter.’ I’ll read the closing the years 2000 to 2005 in China, the only reasonable words from the book as I think you’ll agree with explanation for the resourcing was the Falun them. “No western entity posses the moral authority Gong. Here are just two kinds of the 18 kinds of to allow the party, the Communist Party of China, to substantive evidence we found, we had people calling impede the excavation of a crime against humanity page 34