The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 35

Afghanistan, the combination of war dogs and toddlers in a devastating combination of child rape and bestiality – dogs raping children for videos to be sold. Add to this the growing market in fetuses, the most prized being those delivered on the floor as part of a Satanic ritual, and one has an inkling of the greatest evil on the planet. Second, it has become clear from our early inquiries with ample documentation, that both the family courts and the insolvency courts are being used to strip children from families to convert the children into a commodity that can be sold for cash, and are also being used to strip assets from wealthy individuals who are not part of the Deep State network. Governments are complicit in child and asset stripping, which would not occur if registrars, lawyers (barristers), and judges were held accountable. False claims and documents abound, and in their tolerated existence, challenge the legitimacy of the government. ENOUGH! The purpose of the Commission is to do what has not been done before: to document the actual totality of missing children each year (preliminary estimates yet to be documented are eight million a year, or 22,000 a day); and also to document what happens to these children once they are ingested into the local to global pedopredation network of networks. The average lifespan of a child once in the pedopredation (pedophilia or paedophilia) system is estimated by some to be two years — those being groomed for ‘leadership’ roles that perpetuate pedosexuality at all levels live much longer. This is a comprehensive non-profit educational endeavor in the public interest FBv67BBV7BU4BC0֖Ɩ&6rF2VBvV7W&RFR&WV6FR6&FbV&Ɩ6G6VFrVF6V&w0W6VG&W2GG&7FrWrvFW76W3WFFVBBVWW'B&6W76rF6FRFW6G2`W7FrBv7W'ff'2B&6W'3fFfR&W6V&66VFrF&vV"FR֗F@FF&VBFF&6R6V6RsBV&Ɩ2VGV6FfFRv&N( 2f'7B6&VV6fRƖRƖ'&'f7W6VBVG&ff6rFW&6fW'BVF&VFF6VFrVF6WVƗGFR6֗762W'GW&VBR&ffW&VBg&VRƖSVFƖbV&S6F6FגbFPFVW7FFRFB&BfFV2bFRWF"7VrFF266W&vR6&RfVBBGGFW&6VFV&R6WfW&FFF&2BVFGVFRb6'BfFVF7VVF&W2&RVB2vV0'&BƖR&VfW&V6RƖ'&'VF&VFF6VFrVF6WVƗG( 2&W&ǒ&VVBVFƖ VFƖ( 22FR6W>( VVbFRFVW7FFRB6FrvfW&VBFR6Rv&涖rƖ6Pff6W'2VFvW2ƗF62B&W'2&R&W76&Rf"V&ƖrVF&VFFBVF6WVƗG@f676WB7G&rFV"W2&Rv( 2FV"7F'2WBF&RFBW7B6VƖpW"VF&VFF6VFrVF6WVƗG2FRV'BbFRF&W72FB2FRW76V6RbvW7FW&&涖rBvW7FW&ƗF72ऒVFR6W'FFBbFRV&Ɩ22r&VGFgVB7V6VFW'&6RvRv&R7V66W76gV@&Vr7V66W76gVvRvG&rFRƖRFR6BFv&BFR&FV7Fb6G&VWfW'vW&Pf"FFRgWGW&RVVv