The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 33

being programmed into everyone through the mass in the Mayan 5th age, the 5th sun, the earth’s history media and through the culture, and we have to is all about cycles of building and creation and change the culture, we have to change the message devastation and we’re going into a cycle of creation that’s getting to people every day. That’s our job, to and love and care. We’re coming out of the Kali shine a light on reality. Yuga, which is just a horrible time, it’s really the iron age, and what we need to do more than anything ...When you have a society where 800 thousand is continue to work together and understand our children are disappearing a year here in America, physiology and spirituality and our consciousness. and it’s not even in the media, it’s not discussed at all except amongst people who are researching If we teach things like EFT, and if we show people child trafficking and the horrific abuse that’s going they can reprogram their subconscious, they can on from this dark occult, can I say that we are in destroy old bad habit patterns, and they can also an insane position here?... 17 1/2 million people broadcast into the field a different signal than the one dying of cancer because the cure is banned by the that society gave them. I talk about this on my radio corrupt pharmaceutical companies controlling the show all the time. That we need to clean up the inside governments. This is genocide, and yet we are putting of each individual, and we need to also get involved up with it. Why are we putting up with it?... and actually care for one another and not put up with the nonsense of the psychopathic elite. They all go ... We have a situation where all the banking, all the through, whether your a Rockefeller or a Dupont, academics, everything is under their control, and they all go through six or seven years of torture, when the web came in that was truly the apocalypse, rape, and ritualistic abuse, featuring blood sacrifice, which is the removing of a cover, and now there are featuring drugging, featuring interdimensional millions of people worldwide who are awoken to the beings in their presence, just the worst kind of life truth that things aren’t what television is saying they that anyone can imagine... are. And the more people that wake up to the truth, the more people then find it easier to wake up to the ... All I have to say is we can change this because truth. It’s a snowball effect due to the fact that we are they are few and we are many. And if we tell people, in a collective consciousness paradigm here. “Don’t be afraid and stand up for what’s right,” we can change this. It’s simply a matter of numbers. The When one person wakes up and starts broadcasting more people we wake up to the fact that they need to into the field a different message of realit y and care and they need to get involved, the more energy perception then it makes it easier for someone else goes into the morphogenic field and the channel gets because we are energetic magnetism beings, so that literally changed to a new movie, to a new broadcast. when we send out a particular vibration, if that One of cooperation, not destruction, and this is vibration is picked up by other people, then there’s my whole bag now, is don’t talk so much about the two, and three, and four, and so on and so forth, and illuminate any more, as I tell people learn about that wave, that vibration gets stronger and stronger yourself, learn about self empowerment, learn about in the field, and that’s what we are seeing right now, natural law, and get involved. Find a small piece of is a rise in consciousness due to some extraterrestrial problem that fits your personality and make that effects like the photonic belt, and the fact that we’re your cause...” I.T.N.J