The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 32

Witness Testimony JUDICIAL COMMISSION PURE-VERITAS VALEBIT EXTRACTED STATEMENT FROM JAY PARKER Testified on April 17, 2018 before the I.T.N.J. via video link regarding the MK Ultra program and Ritualistic Satanic Abuse JAY PARKER was born into a multigenerational subconscious was given to you by your culture, it’s satanic/illuminati family receiving Monarch base not something you decided on. mind control and subjected to childhood satanic ritual abuse. He now speaks on recovery and The work of Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza satanic ritual abuse specialized holistic healing are indispensable for understanding exactly how approaches. this world works. The illuminate know this, and what they do, through trauma based mind control “I think if we are going to change this world we are and soft mind control, is control the perception of going to have to change the way people perceive it. I humanity. That’s why they control academia, that’s grew-up in a multigenerational family in Arden, DE, why they control the media, that’s why they control in the United States. My parents were generational Hollywood. It’s all about getting your perception illuminate. My father was 10th generation illuminate. inline with their desires, and we have to come to a They joined the cult in the 1720s. What I’d really place where we change the paradigm by changing like to talk about more than just the cult are healing ourselves and what we’ll put up with in this world. modalities, and that my Mother told me in 1963 basically that the world is based on collective The ‘go along, get along’ attitude you get in the consciousness, and if we understand anything programmable state from the illuminate ruled world about consciousness and we’re all in it together is keep your head down, don’t make waves, don’t ask in the subconscious, and we have to clean up our questions, and we have to totally look at ourselves subconscious because we get a solipsistic, shall I say and say, “Why am I putting up with this? Why am satanistic like, brainwashing the first six years of life I allowing 800 thousand to disappear in America when in the programmable state. every year and not say a word? Why am I allowing 17 million people to die of cancer when cannabis oil, The programmable state is the most important Rick Simpson oil, has a 95% cancer cure rate?” We message I have personally to give everyone on this have to look at ourselves as allowing this to happen... planet. You think your conscious mind is running your life but it’s actually the 40 million bits of ... we all get our enculturation in the programmable information that go into the morphogenic field every state (from 1 to 6 years old) when we only have two second that runs your life from your subconscious. brain wave patterns and our subconscious is being Your conscience mind only donates 5, maybe 4 built. This programmable state is the difference million bits of information to the morphogenic between walking in love or walking in a solipsistic field. 95% of the morphogenic field’s information mentation. If you have a solipsistic mentation you is coming from the subconscious, and your don’t care about anyone but yourself. This is what’s page 30