The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 30

Witness Testimony JUDICIAL COMMISSION PURE-VERITAS VALEBIT EXTRACTED STATEMENT FROM DAVID SEAMAN Testified on April 17, 2018 before the I.T.N.J. via video link regarding Pizzagate and the obstruction by mainstream media DAVID SEAMAN , founder of Fulcrum News, 101. If somebody is a very busy person and their is an American research journalist fired from the day job is organizing the presidential campaign for Huffington Post for his ground-breaking story on Hillary Clinton, if they’re using a code language in Pizzagate. His continued commitment to advocate their spare time there’s got to be a reason why. And for civil liberties is a benchmark for journalism. so we just followed the path of least resistance, really, besides the trolling and the character attacks from “Thank you for having me and thanks for making the Media Matters type of people, aside from that we this a focus. Of course even the White House just followed the path of least resistance, and we just has published an executive order going into how followed Occam’s razor as researchers... widespread human trafficking is, what an epidemic it is, and there was just an article in the New York Post And again, we were behind some kind of blockade. about how this is happening right under the people’s I mean Europe knew this