The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 26

Decentralization of decision making and other the most powerful state regimes and multinational validation in the system can be further advanced by corporations. The ITNJ also intends to crowdfund for prediction based algorithms. Not all the evidence share purchase to enable a voice in corporate decision needed may be discoverable but it may be possible making where those corporations are acting in a to discern it through logic. Adding this AI element, significant way against natural justice. Such peaceful allows potentially a second hand alongside participant demonstration is the highest form of activist change; validation by voting and can be used to reduce the clearly, justice unenforced is not justice. possibility of human collusion. Further checks can be provided by anonymous deep learning analysis of In this way, once a decision is made and the participant’s activity and group patterns – checking participants have decided that action is necessary, that votes are not being combined by monopolists they will be asked to act against the interests of the or hackers. Obviously the greater the numbers of wrongdoers to enable them to see the error of their participants the greater the reduction of this as a ways and cease their inhumane activity. This will be possibility. Alibaba resolves disputes by using nearly effective and as it is a decentralized approach, it will a million potential ‘jury’ members who are randomly not be one that is susceptible to ‘shut down’ by the selected and rendered 150 million decisions in March wrong doer. 2016. They are incentivized with enhanced credit rating for use on the Alibaba site. But we should also look at how provision of coins can incentivize good behaviour. Positive activities that Also AI analysis allows the community to analyze the enable a more just existence, or educate others (for consistency of a narrative. Most activity is cause and ignorance is the enemy of justice) to seek a more just effect and so largely predictable. Accordingly, where a existence for all, should be encouraged. In the parable significant inconsistency to a pattern of activity occurs of the Good Samaritan, the good Samaritan gave two or a repetition of inconsistencies occur, these would denarii to the innkeeper who would keep his wounded tend to suggest that a just outcome is unlikely, i.e. charge, in our example, an ITNJ Foundation would with reasonable doubt and, in such circumstances, we reward not just the innkeeper but the good Samaritan should attend to the principle of innocent till proven with coin. Further, it would reward a corporation that guilty in the name of Natural Justice. turned around an unfair policy or a slaver that turned whistleblower "WFW"FB&VVFFVB2v7FRखFǒ6FVB2( RB6^( 7FGWFB7BbBvVBW'"FR6FRbW7F6^( 2f FRw&wFb7&vB&6VBFFfW26rV&R67FW"W&7f"vBfFVƗG2w&VFW"FFBvPFRDFVf&6RG266W62FRvW"bG&VBFW'22vRvVBƖRF&RG&VFVB&WFr( w&rF~( F&VvFRFW&FfP&W72WGv&22vV2WFFrW7FrF2&6Rb&Wv&FrFW'2f"FBv@Vv6FfRg&7G'V7GW&RBW7Fr&W72WGv&2&VfW"v67&VFW2&RW7Bv&B6V@27&V6vǒ&V6RvW&gVFf"6vR&V6RFR&VG&6bFRVfW'6&62vvPFRW6Rb67VW"BFV6VG&ƗVBWGv&77FVFB6VR2ƖVǒgWGW&R&W76RF67F2&VgW6rF'W6W'F&GV7G2"&VgW6rv&WFFf"vvRVFW'VB'W&f&77VVB7FfG6vVVB'&rFvU5B6W"gWGW&W2VVBB&RG7FvR#@