The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 23

(and more normally the acquiescence) of the people. judging the moral legitimacy of courses of conduct It is Humanity that gives the State its existence, it is and as the only constitution does not harbour the Humanity that acknowledges the State its powers, wind of ill-will. Nor can it be curtailed; injustice to one and it is Humanity that can discern whether the of us, is an injustice to all of us. State has failed or succeeded. And ultimately, since the State is just our chosen concept, we can by the Note to that the Golden Rule is a positive rule, it is will of Humanity’s consensus – also simply will the not of the ‘Thou Shalt not…’ patriarchal variety that State away. has hitherto dominated the global legal systems. A positive statement that requires our mutual action Therefore, it is to that fundament, humanity in its propagates the evolutionary rather than the status quo. diversity, in its unformed condition, that we, the It takes us to our better selves. people, can look to justice. And a global, informed consensus facilitated not trammelled, by either Because Natural Justice as defined by the Golden Rule Artificial intelligence or deep learning algorithms will is language based, structured by words commonly become the arbiter of our justice; disintermediating defined, it is inherently a decentralized infrastructure. the inefficiency of our antiquated judicial systems and It does not need codification by a centralized setting us free of the inherent corruption and jeopardy authority. Even if all the dictionaries in the world of a system of Judge qua God. were erased, the meaning would still be clear and two strangers could meet and they would still largely agree Enforcement will come through community and upon what the other was trying to say. This form of share activism against the great countries, through decentralization is observable whether ap ɽ)յȁͅѥ́Ё͕ѕѡхєЁ䁙ɽͽѥȁѥٔ)́́ɕЁɽ́ѡݥѡɅ݅)иQ͔ٔѡхѥ́Ʌѥ́хЁ͔Ёɕͥ)ѥٔɽ́ɔ䁕ѥٔ]ad͵ѕɕЁɽ́ȁѕ̰ݡ)ͼɍȁѥѥMхєɅ́ѼɍɔѼЁЁѡȁݸѕ)Ёѡɽ̰ѡՍ́ѥѥ́͡еѕɴ̰Ѽѡ͉Ёյ)͡ݸѡ̸݅́ЁMхєЁɽ՝Ёѡչٕͅѕ%Ёٕ́ѡ́)ݸɔѥ䁥ɕͥɅ饹ѡյ)չѥ́ݡɔ䁑ͥ)QՔ́܁ݔٽձLȁѥ٥䁽̸Q́́Ѡͥ)ѡɥѥٔፕ͕́յͥѡЁѼЁѡ͔ѡѽ́ɝѥ)Ёѥɕ䁑ٽ䁅Ѽչͥ䁡ɑȁѼ)ѡյѥѡѥ́ѡ́ɽՍЁѡ́Ʌѥ́ѡЁ)ѡɥ́եЁaѡɕѕȁd Ёѡٕ͔́ѕ̰ѥѥ́ɔձи)ݹ݅ɐɽє́ɽͥ%Ё́ͥȁѼЁѡ͹ѡɇe)ѡ9Ʌ)ѥȁ9Ʌ)ѥ̰ɑȁѥɅѥ͹́)͕ѥ䁉́ݸѼѡIձLaչѼչɽՍЁѡѕɹЁ́ѡЁЁٕ)ѡ́́ԁݽձٔѡչѼԻdQѡɵɱͥٽ)Iձչѥ́́ɽɅхɐ)$P8(