The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 21

ITNJ SPECIAL COURT SEATING THE MICHELLE YOUNG CASE FINANCIAL CORRUPTION & COLLUSION Video Testimonies Click on the images to view the witness testimonies from the ITNJ Special Court Seating Filmed April 18, th 2018, at Westminster Central Hall, London ​ e Michelle Young case was a special hearing adjunct to the Commission of Inquiry. This ongoing Th case demonstrates how Court systems in the United Kingdom use fraudulent means to asset strip both individuals and companies of their wealth. Falsified documents are being submitted to the Courts through Registrar’s offices in order to (falsely) prove legitimacy prior to the Court utilizing such instruments for the purpose of forcing bankruptcies. The findings of the Michelle Young case are being made available to the Press and Public in the expectation that this disclosure will stem the flow of apparent corruption and collusion taking place across the United Kingdom, destroying the lives and livelihoods of countless souls whilst compromising the Government and Crown in the process. Michelle Young Case ~ Group Testimony Anthony Stansfeld ~ Police & Crimes Commissioner Richard Hillgrove ~ Expert Witness Gordon Bowden ~ Expert Witness Paul Millinder ~ Expert Witness Michelle Young ~ Personal Testimony