The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 17

AN OPEN LETTER Sir John Walsh of Brannagh CHIEF JUSTICE TO THE INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR NATURAL JUSTICE A fter three full days of hearings at Westminster, the Judicial Commission of Inquiry concluded its first open hearings into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. Witnesses came from all corners of the globe indicating that the International Tribunal for Natural Justice is fulfilling its international and worldwide remit. Witnesses came from the Americas, from Europe, from Africa, from Australasia, from Asia, and from the United Kingdom. If there was ever any doubt in the public’s mind as to the extent of human trafficking, organ harvesting, child kidnapping, and perverted sexual predation, this was quickly dispelled the first day, and as the witnesses came forward and told their story it became fundamentally clear that there was a real and urgent need for the I.T.N.J. and its Judicial Commission. As witness after witness told of trafficking in children, of repeated and perverted rapes being followed by death sacrifice, of organ removal from live prisoners, of the repeated governmental cover-ups and threats to law enforcement officials and others, it became abundantly clear that the I.T.N.J. had a mission to fulfill... and it will. Some may ask why. Is this not a government responsibility? Well here government has failed miserably. Government is not the answer. It is often the problem. What the Judicial Commission seeks to do is to remind every government and law enforcement in very clear terms that there is a problem and where the problem is. The world was not made only for the rich and powerful but also for the weak, the poor, the voiceless. The I.T.N.J. will speak for the 99% and demand that the 1%, which allows these practices, change its mindset and take action to rid the world of human trafficking, child slavery, child rape, organ harvesting, and the ritual exploitation and killing of the innocent. We have not finished: the court was adjourned and there will be more open hearings before a final report is released to every country and every government and the United Nations setting out clearly our findings and demanding positive action. Already only a week after we adjourned the Australian Government announced a new and better surveillance system to investigate and destroy pedophile rings. The President of the United States has already stated his government’s mission against human trafficking and its attendant evils. The Judicial Commission has issued a rally cry to the world to support, develop, and protect our sacred mission. As is stated in our Constitution “Let this message go forth from this time and place to all the peoples of the world that to right the wrongs done to them and in vindication of their rights and the enforcement of just causes and to hold accountable those responsible for breaches of human rights it is proclaimed that the International Tribunal for Natural Justice is established pursuant to this Constitution.” We have lit the torch. Help us carry it into the darkness in the world. page 15