The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 13

PRESIDING Bishop Riah Abu El Assal Robert David Steele ITNJ TRUTH & RECONCILIATION ITNJ CHIEF COUNSEL H is Grace Bishop Riah Hanna Abu El-Assal is an Israeli Palestinian Anglican bishop, who was the R obert David Steele is the Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network; recommended Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem from 1998 to 2007. for the Nobel Peace Prize. Former Operations Officer Abu El-Assal graduated from Nazareth Baptist School Intelligence Agency (CIA), co-founder of the Marine where he also taught. While at Nazareth he was a (C/O) in the Clandestine Service of the Central Corps Intelligence Activity, founder of the modern Open member of the PLP, the Progressive List for Peace - a Source Intelligence (OSINT) discipline, proponent for joint Jewish-Arab political party which, while existing election reform, intelligence reform, governance reform only for eight years (1984–1992) is considered to have broken many previously sacrosanct taboos and and economic reform utilizing Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). profoundly influenced subsequent Israeli politics. As a foremost international proponent for open-source During his time in Nazareth he was Vicar of Christ Ch W&6&WF'RV76&V6RFPF'FVVFvƖ6&6bW'W6VBVB`FRW666W&6W'W6VBFR֖FFPV7BVF2&WF&VVB3&6#rBFPFVƖvV6R7FVVR2&VVWFR7VW"B琧fVVW26VFr6W'2WBV'FvVFW26V6F2FRFW'FVBb7FFRBFPFW'FVBbVB6V7W&G&W67&&VB&WF&VVBvRbsV'2&VwV"6G&'WF"FFRFW&FW&`2w&6R2VFrFRG'WFb&V66ƖFR&2FVƖvV6RBf&FW&F26֗76f"FRDFW&V6RFFPW76V6Rb2Ɩf^( 2v&Rv6VVF&VvFPFVƖvV6RB6VFW&FVƖvV6RR2V&Ɨ6V@2v&26V&VBDRf&&W2BFPW&b6fƖ7B&W6WFf"Bf&vfVW72vFFR&BbFP6W'BBG27FfFW2ऒB