The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 113

ITNJ TRUSTEES TIM CRAGG , BSc, LLB Timothy Cragg was raised in London and read Civil Engineering at Edinburgh University. He subsequently studied law and worked for Allen & Overy in corporate law in the City of London. After several years, Tim left the law to work with his wife, Edith, in their own property company and follow his passion of restoring dilapidated properties. The couple relocated to the South West of France in 1991, to raise their family and continue restoring old buildings, before moving in 2001 to Australia. Living in rural France was a great influence for Tim in learning about food as medicine. This started a new passion and led to the continuing study of the huge impact that food, lifestyle and environmental choices can have on health. He is now one of the main participants of CoolWellbeing Foundation, a not for profit, non-government, private foundation based in Queensland, where natural health education and practices are promoted, usually pro-bono. Over the past few decades Tim has learnt that there are many deep-seated ؛[\]H[[X[ Y[ X[[YYX[\YY\ˈH\H\[ۘ]HY]H܈][H\X][H]\Z[Y[[X]B[[Y[[Y[ۜ[\ۙ\YYYܙX]HH[ܙH[\[ \[X[[Y]K[HY[\HۛܙYš[HU\و\Y\\ܝ[\[\ܝ[Z\[ۋӓQHTTܛ[\HܙX]]HYۋۛYH\\\Y\\\X[X]ܜ]H\HX\HYK\][š\\[Z[[]HYHوKݚ[HܙX]]H\[\ٙ[Z]ˈۛ[B[Y]HHYHوܙX]]]KHH\X[[][X][ۜ\\Yx&\ܚˈܘYX][]ۛܜ[]\[\Y[\]\H\ܚY[Hܘ\X\YۈY[[H NNLK\YHH\ݙHܙX]KۛYH\[H\YYYZZHX][ۙ\]\Xݙ\[[X[\\\[Y\HY[ \[ۘ]HX][\XوYK[]Z\]]H^[ۙ[YYXYH܈[H^\Y[K[[^\\H[H[[[H[YY [H MKۛYH\Y\ݙHو\Yۈ[ܙX]]]K[ۙ]H\\H\ܝH]][ۈوۜ[\ۙ\H]X\ڙX\X[Y[Y]܈܈HXY^[\]X\ܘXH[ Hݙ\ZYۈXKH\Y\BۛܙY\HۈH\و\Y\܈H[\][ۘ[X[[܈]\[\XH UK[^]YHܚ[\ݙ\ZY۝H܈[Z[ۈ\[] TQHSQTUT”PHӑBHܛY\]\XX[[\\ XHܙ]\[\XKV[XXHY]H\܂[\[[KH\X\Y[X[]Y[ NNNKH\[YYH[Q^Z[™Y[[\[][Y]Hو[X[Y[]\[\XKH\[Y]YXXB[]X]]\[YX][ۈܘ[\[\ؘYYYZ[[X[YX\\[Y\[\وBؙH[۝[Y\X]H܈HX[ۈوXZY[ݘ]ܜY[\[ܜ˂XH[YH]X\ڙX ]X\ڙX ]X\][ۊKHܛ8&\[[H[Yܘ]Y[ݙ[Y[܈\Z[XKݙ\ZYۋ[[Y]\Z[[[][]Y\ˈ]\]\\H[]\[\[][ZXܛ[][ۜHX]B[^\]YHوX][\[\\X[]\H[\\[ܜܘ][ۋYݙ\Y[[[]][ۜˈH\[B[\وH[\][ۘ[X[[܈]\[\XH UKX][Y[\[\][ۘ[؜\\\[[B MHXHH\[[ۚX[X][[]YX][ۈ\[[۞H]\Z[\[[[ HX\XHX]\[ۙۂۈH []\\HوHYۚ[وXYۘH\K\][]\H\\[Z]YH\[][ۈو]\[\XH[Y\[HH[K[ً[]˂XH\HXXXZ\X\\ܚ]\[[K[XZ\HZ\ۈ8&Y]H\[[ZX[H\\H[Y\[Hو[YH[ݙ\ZYۈ[HوHܛHHYXHوۙY]\KK