The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 104

This happens and has happened to countless souls and transcend into higher patterns of evolution and who placed themselves in such arenas as permit expression can only occur in diametric proportion this kind of grotesquery. A cocktail party…a glass to our capacity to individually and then collectively of something or other. The subject has still entered flow into this flame of Pure-Truth. this arena wilfully—abnegating psionic intelligence (intuition) and conscience along the way. It is perfect Familiarizing ourselves with the darkest strains of psycho-geometry. There are no victims in this game. who and what we are as an evolving species on a It speaks to a self-elected evolutionary passage of a polarized, dualistic (stricken) plane of expression given soul. in this quadrant of the 3D Multiverse becomes our noble journey. Our sacred duty. Yours and mine . In Blood rites and esoteric ceremonial bewitchment, this place we can begin to shed light (‘enlighten’) the innocuous enough at first, soon evolve into dark recesses of our historical, cosmo-genetical and full-fledged scenarios which are so immersive and archeo-cosmological reality field. This is our sacred so horrific that they often traumatize the subject task today. Fearlessness leads to timelessness and into ultimate wilful integration with the full scope thereby to a reconnect to our Divinity and our higher of satanic abuse: including pedophilia and child expression. We are the key to our own unlocking and sacrifice. to our own ascension process. The ‘child’ or ‘infant’ element is important here, The fact that the horrors within the basement are because it embodies the innocence….the blood becoming exponentially revealed to the light in of innocents being the prize. our time, should give us enormous succor and help us to generate the strength and resolve to begin to The blood of highly traumatized (adrenalized) dynamically participate in this collective process of infants represents the highest currency. The highly civilizational awakening. We should so with delight excitable active molecule release by the pineal, and with joy. with other hormones, into the bloodstream of the traumatized child is the cocaine of choice to an SRA We must put away childish things, and that deviant. The raping or sodomising of an infant causes means safe and secure conceptual frameworks, violent inversion of kundalini or life-force within the cozy cultural and religious systems—all of which infant. The electrical false-light impulse is drawn into have been engineered into our collective cognitive the stricken and entropic life-force of the deviant field precisely in order to herd and contain us (rapist), and the illicit power transfer occurs. The within a fractured paradigm ultimately hijacked into seminal role of the victim is the soul-covenanted a monstrous meta-cultural ‘trial of separation’. emissary of Source, reclaiming the deviant back on their own journey toward vibral light. There are no Study the links provided here by our team of victims in this world. There is only karma, dharma, researchers. Study them closely and objectively. psycho-geometry, and the nesting of polarized Navigate these tragic and woeful stories and spaces storylines in the perfect ‘now.’ The sooner we all own with inner integrity and in the knowing that you this the better. Because our capacity to transmute and I are the change, you and I are the holy grail, the page 102