The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 103

Similarly, there are two kinds of prime (binary) most of us and is sufficiently charged with self- elements at work in the holonomic field of reality generating life-force that it does not need to resort within hu-man, which we, as a sentient species, to sacrifice in order to steal false-light or ‘chi’ from a collectively project into the ‘field’—it is fair to say ‘victim’. I posit victim in parenthesis because there is that we are each composed of these two elements never such a thing as a victim in the truest sense. in varying degrees. As power-junkies get drawn ever deeper into the One of these prime binary elements describes the complexes within which they find themselves, they field of expression which is negatively charged. are inevitably required to make a call-of-conscience. It can be described as entropic, parasitic, life- They will each discover that the Faustian pact awaits depleting, scarcity-based, fear-based, constrictive, them—the Devil’s silver dollar which invites them to mundane, and contained within ‘time’. It seeks extend their palm. To consent. To enjoin. strength in numbers (collectivism) and it steals false-light wherever it can do so. It thrives on life- Most people who are already deeply indentured into force illicitly gained, and it has no conscience to the shadowland of one shitty career or another, often speak of, no moral compass, and no capacity to concentrated in places like London, Brussels, Davos, self-reflect or to enquire within. It is unable to access Paris, or Washington, will choose the Devil’s silver the quantum (vibral light) umbilical to Source, and dollar. It is where the fast-track to career ascension so it does indeed exist in a remote, cold, desolate, lies, where the circle of influence lies, where the stricken model of reality. In the strictest sense it realm of Desire ultimately invites us to depart from has no empathy, and it is this factor which is most the ‘here and now.’ Thus the first step toward the relevant. It does not relate or feel the other’s pain. It is abnegation of soul-sovereignty draws our subject perfectly situated to become a sociopathic politician, deep into the labyrinth. The invitations start to come banker, or professional hooligan in any number in—exotic parties, special meetings with affluent of modern sectors. It is a prime candidate for and celebrated attendants, enigmatic and esoteric participating in occultist nonsense, satanism, ritual places and faces, etc. Pedestrian rules no longer abuse, ceremonial bullshit of any order (false-light apply. Money. Promotion. The masonic allure. The structural order), masonic blah-blah, secret societies, mundane becomes the privileged. The lowly becomes and playground drama of any order of magnitude. the lofty. The fool walks into the fire. The other prime (binary) element within our field of There are certain rituals which occur, some of hu-man expression is the life-affirming, negentropic, them wilfully entered by the subjects and others abundant, expansive, creative, sovereign, fearless, unwittingly engaged. The imbibing of cats-blood timeless (keyed into the immortality principle), kind, for example, wherein the subject abnegates spiritual considerate, empathic, conscientious, and principled. sovereignty when their blood-chemistry becomes This aspect of Self is directly connected to Source via excited by the cats-blood causing psycho-alteration. the quantum umbilical telegraph (conscience coupled This permits lower astral forces to enter and begin with psionic or ‘gut’ intuition—‘knowing’). This to vicariously live through the subject. Thus a classic positively-charged element stands sentinel within case of engineered daemonic possession begins. I.T.N.J